Monday, February 4, 2008

Topeka Kansas Should Vote Ron Paul

One of the things that hurts the democratic process is when people don't vote their conscience. Instead for whatever reason they vote for what they figure is the lesser of two evils. Usually that's a bit understandable because usually that's the only choice presented to us. Sometimes the candidates are decent people but once they get into Washington or politics in general they end up compromising all of their principles and just vote with the crowd and in time end up becoming corrupted by a system they set out to change. That's not what happened to Ron Paul though. Everyone who has done some study on his record knows he has stayed true to his convictions despite everything. Should we be any different. I'd say if your for some other candidate go ahead and compromise since your candidate probably has done the same a few hundred times himself.

Ron Paul is a different kind of candidate. People who support Paul know that supporting him is about more than even this election its about starting a movement and a revolution. Supporting and voting for Paul means we want to bring attention to certain issues that threaten to destroy the country. We want to create a contituency that will be around even after the election despite who wins. We want to create a watch dog group that keeps track of how the candidates vote and we may even be able to create a third party. The election is about more than any particular issue. Its about more than just liberal or conservative because many people on both sides know things are really wrong in this country. Things that none of the other candidates even talk about. The news media doesn't talk about these issues and chooses not to give fair coverage to anyone who chooses to talk about these issues. So I say please Topeka Kansas and everyone else vote Ron Paul.

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