Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kansas Heart of America

Ron Paul is like Kansas itself. They are both the heart of America.

Learn more about Ron Paul's story here

Kansas will have a caucus this year to elect delegates for the Republican nomination. Learn more about it here.

There are several meetup groups in Kansas. Hook up with one in your city here:

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jim Cates All American

Jim Cates is a radio talk show host on 1440 A.M. in Topeka Kansas. He deserves a mention on this blog because it was while listening to his show that I first heard about the bionic one. He has a folksy style and tries to be fair to all his guests even those he disagrees with. In a way he reminded me of Lou Dobbs when I started listening both in voice and on important issues like immigration. He is fair and full of integrity which is what prompted me to learn more about Ron Paul when Cates spoke favorably about him.

Dirty Money

One of the strangest reasons I've heard for people saying they won't support Ron Paul is because he has recieved donations from nazis. Now is there any particular reason that nazis would support Paul. Not really, the constitution is no friend to nazi causes. These people are usually rebellious teenage types who hate any authority while the leaders are creepy, evil, racists who while having many of the same legitimate gripes about the government as most Paul supporters often attack these issues not on the basis of political or economical differences but a racist hatred of anything jewish. Personally, I believe these odd balls would hate Paul and the founding fathers if they were currently the ones in power.

There's a difference between real nazis and those who may simply be labeled as such.
The term nazi gets thrown around all the time in order to slander or slam someone of different view points. The antidefamation leaque often doesn't help legitimize jewish concerns. Often if you are against zionist policies or big banking you'll be called a nazi. Ofcourse there are many jews who themselves are not zionists and there are many jews who support Ron Paul on the merit of the issues he supports. Personally I've always been pro Israel, but I see that his position may actually be more pro Israel than that taken by our current policies. Those on the right often call those on the left nazis and vice versa.

The real nazis are not those who may disagree with a certain policy or religious view but those who hate the jewish people and consider them to be sub human and think the holocaust was a good idea. The creator of a web site called Stormfront is such a person and his donations have come into question by the main stream media and other Paul detractors. However the donations in question are rather small and even the most evil or crazy of people can be right on some issues. Paul has never supported these people's racist causes as many of the old school democrats have.

Everyone is allowed to participate in the democratic process and small donations like the ones in question do not buy influence and are not dangerous. The ACLU has actually defended nazis and their right to free speech and are therefore far more closely linked to these evil people than someone who recieves a donation. Exactly what issues these people support Paul on are unclear. Most of Paul's supporters have legitimate concerns about about the IRS and have strong stands on immigration and national sovereignty. Nazis take these issues and turn them into reasons to slander all jews or mexicans. People like them make it difficult for decent people to express real concerns on these issues because they end up being associated as racist by those arguing the other side.

Paul has supporters on all sides of the aisle supporting him on a wide variety of issues. Furthermore the issues Paul talks about are of crucial importance to the nation's survival and aren't being raised by anyone else, making him the only candidate to support if these issues appeal to you. As I've said even crazy people can have legitimate concerns on some issuesThe truth is that every candidate has its far fringe supporters whether on the right or the left. Its a big world and there will always be enough nuts to go around.

Paul has pointed out to the media that it isn't small donations that are dangerous to the political system but huge pact donations being bundled by the millions to support candidates that will make policies that end up making these pact donors money. There are other candidates who recieve multiple millions of dollars worth of bundled pact money and free news coverage from newspapers, television networks and magazines whose largest stock holders also own stock in oil, drug, military, insurance and banking cartels. Paul's donors are mostly small donors in the hundreds of thousands who can't possibly hope to buy influence from Paul. The real money to follow would be from those who are supporting the front runners on both the Republican and Democratic parties. I would like the other candidates to agree to give up this bundled pact money if Paul agrees to give up the comparably tiny, insignificant amount in question.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spamming Ron Paul Supporters are Crazy Ukranian Robots

On the net and in the news you hear about how Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of crazy spammers. Some even say they liked Ron Paul until they started getting spammed by these wackos. One thing is true. Paul's supporters are very passionate. They are also very young. This is a unique campaign. Ron Paul's message has strongly resonated with young people who have never been involved in any kind of campaign, not even a school election. They never figured they would have any interest in politics and then all of a sudden this man comes along and sparks their interest to such a degree that they are compelled to join in. They don't know exactly how they should do it though, so they do whatever seems like a practical way to get a message across. Some are very legitimate like posting comments on blogs, calling radio, writing news networks telling them to give him equal time. They hold rallies, hand out flyers, and paint their cars. They create interesting youtube clips and tape almost anything from the t.v. on which Ron Paul appears. They give their money. They call people on the phone. All this youthful energy is being channelled into the politcal cause. The cause is not just about a single issue either, they know that this is about trying to save the country. Their parents and grandparents have built up huge debts over the past 30 years which threaten to plunge the nation into a depression that makes the 1930's seem good.
We continue to make enemies around the world even though we shell out billions in foreign aid. Our troops are in every nation but not on our own border. We get caught up in trade agreements that take away American jobs while building up the economies of our worst enemies. We make decisions that make some in this country very wealthy while eroding the wealth and security of the nation itself.

Some tactics have not been so good like spamming people's email, however the spamming has been traced to a Ukrainian botnet company that also sends out e-mails for male enhancement products. It has not been revealed who hired the company. Was it a Ron Paul, supporter, detractor or is this guy who owns the spamming company a Ron Paul supporter. Whatever the case the campaign was not involved and no significant number of his fans were involved.

Some have been making auto calls to people in New Hampshire, not taking into account the time difference and calling too late. This has pissed off alot of people. Some are handing out flyers and talking about controversial matters like marijuana or 9-11 truth topics. Its not good to use these issues to convert someone you don't know well. The other campaigns mostly have people who are very well versed in the tactics of campaigning because its not a huge grassroots movement. Unfortunately the other campaigns may also have people trying to sabotage Paul's campaign. There has been plenty of hatred spewed against Paul and his supporters, even trying to subvert the democratic process itself by trying to ban Paul from debates and polls. If such dispicable tactics as these have been used and they are well documented its easy to believe wicked people are also trying to pass themselves off as Paul supporters for the purpose of turning people away from Paul.
The following site helps give information on how to help the campaign:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Bionic Ron on the 700 Club

Recently the 700 club aired a piece on Ron Paul. There is a very good clip on youtube. I had written CBN recently asking them to please run a piece on him because I know that they often will show stuff that the main networks may not play. Also many of the things Ron Paul talks about have been written by Robertson in the past, so this is one reason I thought it was odd for him to endorse Guiliani. However Unlike Sean Hannity, Robertson has mantained his civility and respect for a fellow conservative that stands on many of the issues that they do. Following is a youtube link for the clip and a letter I wrote to CBN.

Dear Pat and CBN, Thank you so much for providing such a fair and balanced report on Ron Paul. Its because of Pat's writings and others that he resonates so well with people like myself. Just one criticizm is that I dont think it can be said that Paul takes votes away any more than the other candidates do. If anything he is bringing votes into the party from people who haven't voted before, got sick of voting and haven't for a while and he's bringing in democrats, libertarians and other third party people. His poll numbers I think are low because polling call sheets don't contact these people. God bless.

As I've said before, what Ron Paul represents is bigger than the idiotic squabbling that goes on between liberals and conservatives. This is about whether or not this country survives and that's why he attracts people with so many perspectives. Robertson has a very good grasp of the economic principle that Ron Paul speaks about so often. Hopefully this will give Ron Paul some needed respect among conservatives and christians who may have discounted Paul in the past.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Do We Save the Economy

None of the other candidates ever talk about solutions for paying off the debt. We have no idea how the right plans to pay for ongoing wars and troop placement througout the world and we have no idea how the left plans to pay for healthcare for all Americans and an ongoing war since they don't plan to end it any time soon the way they did before Ron Paul started talking about the issue. Instead maybe they just plan to wait until the government totally collapses and then we just simply can't pay for anything. Maybe once again someone will have the idea of conducting mass exterminations throughout the country and rounding people up into slave labor camps. Sounds like crazy conspiracy stuff, but the nazis used this solution to get out of debt. They also used building up the military and war. Only Ron Paul is willing to even discuss these issues and get a dialogue going. People know this and support him for it. Maybe the other candidates will start talking about it. But if they do can we trust them to do so because they really care or are they doing it to win politcal points. At least I'd like to see them try and open up the discussion.

Write the News Maybe even Picket

I've also been watching the local news and like the national news networks I still haven't seen anything about Ron Paul's December 16th events. I will be writing them to ask them to give him equal time. I think all of Ron Paul's supporters should write the media and demand that he recieve equal time with the other candidates. I think an interesting way for the meet up groups to support Ron Paul would be to picket in front of their local television stations if they don't give him equal time. I don't say this simply to support Ron Paul but I truly believe it is very important to make sure the press does the job that is so important to make this country free. This isn't a joke. They have a responsibility that they are not living up to. It may even be a way to give extra publicity to the campaign but the more important point is we must have a free unbiased press that gives equal time to those candidates that should be considered top tier candidates.
Ofcourse It would be best to do a polite letter writing campaign first and if they dont respond ask them if they had a piece that you may have missed. If they run a good piece on Ron Paul write and thank them. If they have some false information in the report, politely inform them of it. There are over 1500 meetup members in New York City alone where the major networks have their offices so just the threat of a picket could make them take this seriously.

Bigger than Any One Issue

Ron Paul has caught the attention of alot of people with differing views. He draws devoted fans from the republican, libertarian and democratic party. So did Ronald Reagan. These people have various ideas some are pro life others pro choice. Most are fiercly opposed to the war but some like myself are split on this issue, some may even be for it. What I think we all agree on is that Ron Paul is bringing attention to the fact that there is something really wrong with this country. Something bigger than any one issue. Personally I mostly support him for three reasons. One reason is that he isn't given fair coverage by the press and that just burns me to a degree that I feel compelled to be on his side. I want someone to win or loose based on the power of their ideas not because the press has decided to act as a corporate shill and not cover the issues. We need new types of media in this country that won't be controlled by the super wealthy. Ron Paul can take his mandates directly to the people.

Ron Paul also is fiscally responsible never voting for a pay raise or higher taxes, almost never voting for any kind of pork projects and never voting to increase the debt ceiling which is the major reason this country is in trouble. Its the constant raising of the debt ceiling which has produced the 9 trillion dollar debt and 400 billion dollar a year interest. He never voted for NAFTA and GATT which have produced our huge trade deficits and outsourcing of jobs. These trade agreements are largely responsible for the immigration crises as well.
Ron Paul is very stong on the immigration issue.

Third Ron Paul is very strong on immigration. Millions of illegal aliens flood into this country every year draining state and federal resources, forcing hospitals to close, commiting crimes and turning border towns into war zones. Mexico is an extremely corrupt country which deals with its poor and criminal elements by sending them to America. Mexico must reform its laws. But noone is pushing them to do this. We have no choice but to get tough on immigration. However the President and others have plans to turn Mexico, America, and Canada into a North American Union similar to the European Union. To them immigration reform is a step backward. They want America to become more like Mexico where the general population is impoverished and the weathiest people are super wealthy. They hate the constitution which is why they hate Ron Paul. These are things that are not spoken of much by the major networks except by someone like Pat Buchanan. Its spoken of more on CNN with Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck mentions it sometimes. However these issues are so huge they take a large national dialogue and someone truly commited to reform like Ron Paul to get things done.

Liberals and conservatives can find plenty of people to talk about the smaller issues dealing with individual programs. Theissues I've listed plus the constant erosion of our civil liberties with the patriot act and executive decisions that destroy the constitutional balance of powers threaten to destroy America as we've known it. Freedom and liberty itself are at stake.
There are many other reasons to support Paul ofcourse and each person will have their favorites. I think Americans also feel that when the other candidates do give attention to some of these issues they are only paying lip service. Ron Paul's consistant stand on the issues over such a long period of time has given him a credibility that can't be found in anyone else.

Minutemen Endorsement?

The minute men are some of the finest Americans in the world. They have come together donating their time and money to defend our borders. Along the way they have been demonized by the press including the President. Recently Jim Gilchrist founder of the minutemen endorsed Mike Huckabee for President. This has come as a shock to many people because Mike Huckabee has a horrible record on immigration. He is even for granting tuition to illegal immigrants. Recently he has seemed to turn around on this issue but is this just another example of political flip flopping. Here is a quote fromChris Simcox co-founder and the current president of the Minute man civil defence corp:

No National Minuteman Group has endorsed Mike Huckabee.
One individual Minuteman has personally endorsed him.
For the sake of clarity, it is important to note that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the nation's largest Minuteman organization, is a 501(C)4 non-profit organization and cannot and does not endorse any candidate for public office. MCDC is not associated with Mr. Jim Gilchrist, who today endorsed Mike Huckabee for president.
Jim Gilchrist's erstwhile Minuteman Project is itself an organization which by its own representations as a non-profit civic group, cannot legally endorse candidates. It does not have any volunteers who observe illegal border activity. It has no border fence building projects. Jim Gilchrist here speaks only for Jim Gilchrist, he does not speak for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, nor is he nationally representative of most patriots in the "Minuteman movement" - who under no circumstances could ignore the failed record nor endorse the duplicitous "plan" recently rolled out by candidate Mike Huckabee. The national media needs to recognize that Jim Gilchrist's endorsement is his own personal statement, nothing more.
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps emphasizes policy dealing with national border security. The only "plan" to ensure border security that is acceptable to our constituency would be a candidate policy statement declaring that his first act as President will be to hold a press conference and announce to the American people an executive order to immediately deploy and fund 30,000 National Guard personnel to the U.S. Borders (25,000 to the southern border and 5,000 to the northern border) to complement a massive increase in U.S. Border Patrol Agent field personnel, and a bilateral effort to secure our frontiers, smash the drug cartels, shut down the human smugglers and protect the public safety of the citizens who reside along the borders on both sides of our national boundaries.
Unlike this last-minute opportunism attempted by Huckabee, many of the other GOP presidential candidates have actually helped push the issue of national border security forward for some time. Tom Tancredo's many years of hard work on the border crisis and illegal immigration issues have all the candidates striving to sound like him. Duncan Hunter can take personal credit for getting the highly effective San Diego border fence built. Ron Paul has been to the border with us first hand and aggressively pushed positive border legislation. Alan Keyes has done more than anyone to support the organizational development of MCDC, and personally participated in the Minuteman Border Fence Groundbreaking - advancing a citizen's construction effort which has forced Congress to finally get the Feds building physical border fence.
Only one Minuteman group is conducting regular multi-state border security efforts, building fence and aggressively monitoring Washington DC: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. We would like to extend an invitation to all the presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat, to come to the border and see what is really happening on our nation's frontier. Not to take the safe little government photo-op helicopter ride, but see the lay-up sites full of trash and debris. See the rape trees. See the violent crime in the border towns. Walk on the pathways of destroyed environmental terrain trampled by tens of thousands of invading foreign migrants. See what the American elites' support of broken borders, unfettered illegal immigration and sanctuary cities is doing to our fellow Americans who live on our borderlands, and how these failed policies imperil our nation's safety, security and prosperity.
Chris SimcoxPresidentMinuteman Civil Defense Corps

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Network Dirty Tricks

Now I've been critical of the press in past articles and this criticism has largely been aimed at Sean Hannity. Hannity because I have respected his opinions in the past and feel betrayed by his tactics of shunning Ron Paul. I don't think any candidate should be treated like this whether I like them or not. The other target of my criticism has been the three major networks because they are supposed to be the pinnacle of electronic journalism. These networks gained my attention for biased reporting when they refused to talk about Ron Paul's Boston Tea party rallies held all over America by thousands of people in bitter weather. They also refused to mention his day of record fund raising. Meanwhile they did report on Hillary and Mccain recieving endorsements and showed the other candidates for no particular reason at all. They should set the standards for a fair and balanced press not just in America but around the world. These are the non cable networks available to most people with either no cable or limited cable plans. Their huge market share makes it very important that all the candidates with a large following be heard.
The other candidates are receiving millions of dollars worth of television coverage every day. But perhaps they should since they are bought and paid for by the corporations that own the media. If they do mention Paul they always use their dirty little tricks to play with your mind. They say he cant win and they ask if he'll run for a third party when he looses. They want to deter anyone who might actually be thinking of voting for Paul from "throwing their vote away." If the media does talk about Paul they say he's taking votes from other candidates. Duh. All the candidates take away votes from other candidates. Ron Paul is actually bringing votes into the Republican party from people who weren't in it before.
There are the second tier cable networks. Some of these have actually done a pretty decent job of reporting on Ron Paul and his record breaking fundraising campaign. These networks however are only available to people with pricier cable plans and satellite service. Even these however don't give him equal time and spam the other candidates.

When Fascism Comes to America

Recently Ron Paul quoted Sinclair Lewis' when he was asked about an add Huckabee had made that showed in the background what seemed to be a cross. This was done on Fox and Friends. Part of this conversation was shown on NBC World News though not the quote itself. It was the first time I have even seen Paul shown on NBC since the Boston Tea Party. I'm not surprised they showed it since they would probably like to stir up christian resentment against him. I'm drawing that conclusion since they have excluded him in all other reports and therefore sure aren't trying to be fair towards him.
The quote itself says "When Fascism finally comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." Now having been raised in the evangelical faith I would normally take offense to this comment. But Paul himself is a christian and has always voted in a way that reflects favorably on those values. If his votes have ever seemed to conflict with christianity in any way its only because he always votes according to strict constitutionalist guidlines at all times. However, his heart is always pro christian .Unfortunately it is becoming more and more apparent that this quote is not only theoretically true but actually taking place. When I first accepted christ as a kid one of the first movies I ever saw at church was a film about the world during the time of the tribulation. In christian theology the tribulation is a time of hideous government oppression right before the return of Christ. It is a time when all political and religious thought is supressed.
George Bush has signed many executive decisions and pushed through the patriot act which has severe unconstitutional civil liberties infringements. The christian community hasn't raised much opposition to this because they feel like Bush is friendly towards christians and they have nothing to fear from him. Even if this is true there is no telling what a future president might do with such dictatorial powers.
Aside from just the legal dangers to civil liberties in these laws, a culture of hatred is being stirred up by none other than christians and conservatives against anyone who decides to speak in opposition to their views on the war. This isn't to say liberals don't also have such hateful tirades, I'm just surprised by the role christians who cary the cross and conservatives who wrap themselves in the flag are playing in producing the culture of hate.
I'm not that surprised that the main stream media is involved in censoring Ron Paul's constitiutionalist ideas. I've always feared such opposition could come from them. I was very glad when conservative talk radio and the Fox news channel came into prominence because I had long thought the only views being expressed in the news are to the left of center. I believed and still do that allowing opposing view points to be heard are what makes this a free country. The conservatives have long railed about a biased media and they have been right. Because the media isn't just the news it is also commentary in sitcoms, dramas and movies. It was a nice change to see conservative and christian thought growing in strength to balance out the views on the left. This is why the two party system is so superior to a one party system. Different views are allowed to be heard.
While the democrats and republicans still disagree on many things, there are certain things that they both agree on and therefore opposing views in these areas of agreement are not being expressed by anyone of prominence. Noone that is until Ron Paul came along. And the views he's expressing aren't dangerous nazi or communist style philosophies. They are simply the views that the men who created this nation had. They are strict constitutionalist views that have been abandoned by both parties which have become pro globalist.
Ron Paul is not being shunned by the likes of Sean Hannity simply because of his stand on the war. Nor is he being shunned by the main stream media because he isn't a front runner. He is being shunned because he takes a position in disagreement on issues to which the powerful media on both the right and left agree. They are globalist and he is not. They believe in the legitimacy of super powerful groups like the WTO, Bildebergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commision, which are controlled by huge private interests and have the power to influence the government and of course own the media and he does not. How in the world can one who opposes these things even though it is from a constitutional veiw point possibly get a fair shake in the media. Ofcourse the answer is he can't. Well maybe he can if his followers make a large enough cry, raise enough cash and perhaps if need be picket outside the studios of these media centers. Another thing they have tried is excessive internet polling and website comments. I think these practices have been labeled as spamming. But its been proven by the fundraising that Ron Paul actually does have legions of fans on the web rather than a handful of nuts spamming all day long.
If Sean Hannity wanted to shun people opposed to the war he wouldn't mention Obama. But ofcourse Obama is mentioned all the time. Now even the internet has so called conservative websites banning free speech concerning Ron Paul. You can mention any candidate on the left or right and shill for them to your hearts content but you better not mention Ron Paul. We also have so called conservatives and christians trying to ban Ron Paul from the debates. Its very ironic and hypocritical that the same people who railed for years about the bias of the media have begun to show such bias themselves against the non fascist views of Ron Paul. The same people who cry for smaller government and less taxes hypocritically shun and smear the man who best represents these ideas.
As for Huckabee's ad itself I personally liked it and thought it was appropriate for this time of year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul, Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh

Heres a post title just made to make you go wtf. If Ron Paul does not win the nomination I think he could and perhaps should run with the Constitutional party. Ron has given some good reasons why he would'nt and I can respect him for that but someone needs to take up the mantle of a strong third party and I cant think of anyone better than Paul. When Ross Perot ran he created the Reform party. He didn't win but many believed the Reform party would go on to be a big player in politics because it was such a worthy cause. However after the election Perot didn't keep the movement going and the Reform party never became very influential. I hope that regardless of whether or not Paul becomes president the rEVOLution that he started continues.
Al Gore is an example of someone who kept his cause going even though he didn't win the election. Ofcourse Gore's climate change initiative is largely funded by the rich who are highly organized. It is also shilled by the media even though the media gives little press to actual technological advancements that can help solve climate change.
The real goals of the climate change initiative is most likely a movement to bring about new taxes on carbon emissions.
In the early nineties I was a bit of a ditto head because Rush was saying things that you never heard people say on the news and at the time people needed to hear alot of those things. There was very little conservative commentary to counter act the liberal press. Now Ron Paul is saying things that desperately need to be said as we face huge debts and interest that threaten to destroy this country. We have troops all over the world when we need them on our border. We have trade agreements destroying our own industrial base making us overly dependent on foriegn manufacturing. It goes on and on and we don't have anyone else running who speak of these things.

ABC, CBS, NBC Helping Spread Conspiracy Theories

It seems like everytime Hillary, Obama, or the Republican candidates turn around or use the toilet they flash a bulletin on the nightly news of the major networks. I still havent seen Ron Paul even mentioned or his picture shown when the other candidates are shown. Paul's supporters can hold hundreds of rallies with thousands of people around the country celebrating the Boston Tea Party and you hear nothing. They talked about a Santa Clause convention and Hanna Montana the next day but not Paul. They mentioned Hillary and Mccain getting endorsements but they couldn't say a word about Ron Paul's record breaking total raised in a single day from over a hundred thousand donors giving an average of under a hundred bucks. They showed pictures of all the other front runners but the man leading in the straw polls, raising the most money, and doing as well in the polls as at least a couple of the others. Paul does about as well in the polls as Thompson and Mccain despite the fact that Paul garners much of his support from democrats, independants, first time voters and other Republicans who have not voted in recent elections due to their discust with the party. Ofcourse none of these people would be on the Republican poll call sheets. Paul is also very popular among the young who have cell phones instead of land based phones which also dont get calls from the poll takers. Also as I've discussed before Sean Hannity and other so called conservative talk show hosts often won't even mention Paul when they mention all the other candidates. So the people being called who listen primarily to the conservative talk shows probably never even heard about Paul.
Its discusting enough for talk show hosts to show this kind of bias but they after all make it clear they are pushing a certain point of view. What is totally unconscionable is for the major news networks to show such bias by not giving such a candidate equal time. The major networks are every bit as biased as the alternative talk show hosts have claimed they were and they prove it by not giving Paul equal time. These major networks which represent the American press have refused to do their job. America can not remain free without a free press. Fortunatly there is the internet, youtube, and CNN, also MSNBC has shows giving Paul time.
Still this is no excuse for the major non cable networks to not do their job. I do not want to see any of the other candidates at any time any more on these networks if they can not fairly report the news on all the major candidates. The nightly news has proven itself a discrace in this regard. They are perpetuating conspiracy theories with their unfair practices. The bias of the press has never been more blatant and apparent.

Mike Huckabee

Of the leading Republican candidates Mike Huckabee is probably my second choice. I like him because he's a social conservative and a christian. I dont like him because he's very soft on immigration. America simply can not afford to be. Also Huckabee has a habit of accepting gifts as a politician, this is a dangerous way to opearate as a politician at least its dangerous for the people you represent because someone could be buying your influence. That's a huge problem that we have with Bush. Corporations donated millions to his campaign and now those corporations are making billions on a controversial war and rebuilding operation. I want a politician I can trust and this makes it difficult.

Sean Hannity You're a Degrading American

Sean Hannity gets alot of attention from conservatives and christians. I have liked him a long time so I mention him here. I have unfortunately grown discusted with him because he either only runs Ron Paul down or refuses to ever mention him. They will mention every other candidate Republican or Democrat on his radio show but not Ron Paul. By refusing to mention a leading candidate like Paul even when less prominant candidates are mentioned shows a bias so extreme I cant trust him on anything any more. Hannity claims to be pro life. For this reason alone he should at least show Ron Paul the respect he deserves. I agree with Hannity on alot of things but nothing excuses such blatant media bias. By refusing to mention Ron Paul he is refusing to do his job as a commentator or journalist. Whats worse is that Hannity is constantly railing about media bias. He is a huge hypocrite and that makes me both angry and sad since he used to be someone I respect.

I've never heard this kind of censorship on his show even towards a Hillary supporter.

Monday, December 17, 2007


When Ron Paul talked about blow back being involved in the 9-11 attacks, people twisted his words to try to make it seem as though he claimed we invited the attacks. What he meant was that al qaeda used our presence in Saudi Arabia as a recruiting tool. To muslims the presence of a non muslim army on Arab soil is a sacrilidge. It doesn't matter if we have a justification to be there or not or if we are being peaceful or not. They will use it for recruitment. Ron Paul was right to say we wouldn't want an occupying army on our soil either and such a thing could stir resentment and rebellion, but we wouldn't see it as an attack on our religion as long as they were acting peacefully. They do. A non muslim army on muslim soil is seen as a sacrilidge to their faith. Unfortunatly now Iraq is even more religious than it was under Sadam and any kind of aggressive behavior is used for recruitment even if the aggression is being used to secure the peace. They think in religious terms which the Japanese and Germans didn't when we occupied them for the purpose of rebuilding. We should have evaluated that before going in.
We told the Saudis we would leave Arabia after the Gulf War ended. We stayed ten more years which built up resentment among fanatical extremists. Does that mean we invited the attacks. No. It means extremists used this as a recruiting tool to fulfill their goals. Also what isn't a secret is that the CIA was involved in training Bin Ladin. Now if that's not blow back what is?

Reasons for the War

Like many others including the Democrats I was for the war when it began. There were security reports from several agencies in several countries claiming Sadam still had WMD's. How all these reports could be so inacurate hasn't been revealed. Some say the neocons like Wolfowitze may have been involved. As the rebuilding continues the companies there continue to make billions. It doesn't matter what results they get, they are paid by the hour and if something is destroyed and they have to build it again that's more money. It can be endless. It's also a war zone so there is'nt much oversight.
I also thought it would benefit the people. We heard the reports of the horrible things going on there. Unfortunately things are much worse now. Under Sadam the country was a secular state where a certain amount of religious freedom was allowed. Now its a religious Islamic state full of sectarian violence. Christian are far worse off now than before. This is not what any of us wanted. Maybe the people who profit off the situation did but most Americans didn't. Unlike Ron Paul, who had the forsight to oppose the war from the beginning, I thought the war was a good idea. Ron Paul was for concentrating our efforts on getting Bin Laden so that Al qaeda could be cut off right away. Al qaeda has grown since the war.

The War

Ron Paul is for getting our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. Does this mean we would leave Iraq as soon as he became President. Ron Paul is also wanting to restore the constitutional balance of powers. He wants war to only be an option if congress declares a declaration of war. So staying in Iraq would ultimately be a congressional decision. When congress makes a declaration of war they lay out clearly what their goals are. Ron Paul would also make sure rebuilding projects are given to the most qualified and not to political friends. He would cut the graft that runs up the costs in war expenditures. Ron Paul would also probably listen to the comand decisions of generals instead of less qualified cabinet members like Rumsfeld. This alone could have saved us alot of problems when it came to securing the peace after the initial invasion. The surge should have been in place early on.

Voting Democrat

I've never voted Democrat but if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination or run as an independant I might. Part of the reason is that the other republican front runners won't really try to do anything about the pro life issue. They use it to grab conservatives and christians so that they will vote on things they otherwise wouldn't like NAFTA or the war. At least if a democrat was in office they would more closely scrutinize their decisions instead of blindly following anything they say no matter how much it goes against their traditional values.
Also the democrats seem more willing to explore alternative energy solutions and while I haven't decided whether or not global warming is real I do know rising fuel costs are. I also support the idea of making America less dependant on foreign fuel and in creating more jobs here with an emerging biofuel industry. Perhaps at least in this regard we can help fuel our economy and increase our national security. I wish Huckabee was someone I could support. He claims to support alternative fuels. The problem is I just have lost faith with the Republicans and don't trust them to keep their promises any more. I voted for Bush and he has totally gone against conservative principles and brought us to the brink of economic collapse. However the Democratic candidates are extremely weak on immigration and too socialist for my tastes so I wouldn't recommend voting for any of them.

Unique Pro Life Stand

If you're someone who is pro life Ron Paul is your candidate. He is uniquely qualified to speak to this issue because unlike most politician he wasn't a lawyer before entering politics but an obstetrition who has delivered over 4000 babies. He is closer to this issue than anyone you will probably ever meet. Also Ron Paul is respected by a wider group of people than most candidates. People who may never listen to a pro life arguement will listen to Paul because of his unique closeness to and expertise on this issue. It is after all his profession. He can come at this arguement from a position of science and reason. They also trust him to do stand on an issue out of integrity not because its simply popular or benefits him in some way.

Plug in Hybrids

For a few years I have been following the development of plug in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles. There are many reasons to support these technologies but like Ron Paul the only place I ever hear about these things is on the internet. You would think that with so many people concerned about global warming or American dependence on foriegn oil and rising gas prices the media would cover this more often. But then you would think people would also be concerned about 9 trillion dollar debt and paying 400 billion every year on interest for the debt. These are important issues that could destroy the country but noone cares enough to talk about it on t.v. or in their campaigns, well one guy is but he doesn't get any air time.

Ron Paul Black out

Even today when Ron Paul Rallies were held across the country and Ron Paul broke the record in daily donations the three major networks had no mention of Ron Paul. Instead they talked about Hanna Montana turn outs and a Santa Clause convention that was also also started by internet buzz. There was mention of McCain and Hillary getting endorsements and all the so called front runners were mentioned for one thing or another but nothing about Ron Paul. Part of the reason to support Ron Paul is simply because this type of media bias is too dangerous. They have to be held accountable for such shoddy and disgraceful reporting. Ron Paul supporters are accused of spamming but they don't have a choice. The media is not doing its job when it comes to many issues. I don't know what else to do except tell Ron Paul supporters to write the major networks, the newspapers and your local stations and tell them to give Ron Paul equal time, especially when something newsworthy is happening.

The Media Proves its Bias

Katie Couric the news anchor for CBS had interviews with the supposed ten front runners of both parties. What was blatantly obvious was their bias against non traditional candidates like Ron Paul who leads in the straw polls, fundraising for the quarter, internet searches and online support. He is at least about even with Thompson and Mccain in several polls but all this still isn't good enough for him to merit an interview with the CBS anchor. Ofcourse if you mention this obvious media bias your a conspiracy kook. Our media is good at pretending its free and unbiased but its almost impossible to get alternative views across. I would'nt necessarily promote any alternative view but you would think that views espoused by our founding fathers wouldn't be entirely censored.
I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says and on some issues I'm in more agreement with the traditional party line, but Ron Paul is a man of great integrity with a sincere hope to do whats best for the country, and if he errs he is in good company with those who created this country. You would think that people could at least give him a modicum of respect on those points. It used to be that republicans would say "I may not agree with you but I will fight to see that you are heard." Thats one reason why I liked republicans more, they seemed to follow that line of reasoning and gave respect to those in their party that they disagreed with. That is no longer the case. Ron Paul is continuously being demonized as a nut by so called conservatives and dismissed out of hand by people like Sean Hannity who generally I agree with on many things. But one thing I cant stand is when the press which is so important to protecting our liberties doesn't do its job in acknowledging someone like Ron Paul.

The Six Million Dollar Can-didate

Can Ron Paul, the man who raised six million dollars in one day, rebuild our republic. Can he make it better than it was before. Better, Stronger, more honest. Those who support him believe he can. He has a thirty year history in congress of consistently voting against pork and special interest projects. He has never voted to raise the debt ceiling which has nearly ruined our country. He has never voted for a pay raise and has said he will not even collect his congressional pension, which is ironic since he's about the only one who deserves it.

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