Friday, December 21, 2007

Bionic Ron on the 700 Club

Recently the 700 club aired a piece on Ron Paul. There is a very good clip on youtube. I had written CBN recently asking them to please run a piece on him because I know that they often will show stuff that the main networks may not play. Also many of the things Ron Paul talks about have been written by Robertson in the past, so this is one reason I thought it was odd for him to endorse Guiliani. However Unlike Sean Hannity, Robertson has mantained his civility and respect for a fellow conservative that stands on many of the issues that they do. Following is a youtube link for the clip and a letter I wrote to CBN.

Dear Pat and CBN, Thank you so much for providing such a fair and balanced report on Ron Paul. Its because of Pat's writings and others that he resonates so well with people like myself. Just one criticizm is that I dont think it can be said that Paul takes votes away any more than the other candidates do. If anything he is bringing votes into the party from people who haven't voted before, got sick of voting and haven't for a while and he's bringing in democrats, libertarians and other third party people. His poll numbers I think are low because polling call sheets don't contact these people. God bless.

As I've said before, what Ron Paul represents is bigger than the idiotic squabbling that goes on between liberals and conservatives. This is about whether or not this country survives and that's why he attracts people with so many perspectives. Robertson has a very good grasp of the economic principle that Ron Paul speaks about so often. Hopefully this will give Ron Paul some needed respect among conservatives and christians who may have discounted Paul in the past.

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