Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spamming Ron Paul Supporters are Crazy Ukranian Robots

On the net and in the news you hear about how Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of crazy spammers. Some even say they liked Ron Paul until they started getting spammed by these wackos. One thing is true. Paul's supporters are very passionate. They are also very young. This is a unique campaign. Ron Paul's message has strongly resonated with young people who have never been involved in any kind of campaign, not even a school election. They never figured they would have any interest in politics and then all of a sudden this man comes along and sparks their interest to such a degree that they are compelled to join in. They don't know exactly how they should do it though, so they do whatever seems like a practical way to get a message across. Some are very legitimate like posting comments on blogs, calling radio, writing news networks telling them to give him equal time. They hold rallies, hand out flyers, and paint their cars. They create interesting youtube clips and tape almost anything from the t.v. on which Ron Paul appears. They give their money. They call people on the phone. All this youthful energy is being channelled into the politcal cause. The cause is not just about a single issue either, they know that this is about trying to save the country. Their parents and grandparents have built up huge debts over the past 30 years which threaten to plunge the nation into a depression that makes the 1930's seem good.
We continue to make enemies around the world even though we shell out billions in foreign aid. Our troops are in every nation but not on our own border. We get caught up in trade agreements that take away American jobs while building up the economies of our worst enemies. We make decisions that make some in this country very wealthy while eroding the wealth and security of the nation itself.

Some tactics have not been so good like spamming people's email, however the spamming has been traced to a Ukrainian botnet company that also sends out e-mails for male enhancement products. It has not been revealed who hired the company. Was it a Ron Paul, supporter, detractor or is this guy who owns the spamming company a Ron Paul supporter. Whatever the case the campaign was not involved and no significant number of his fans were involved.

Some have been making auto calls to people in New Hampshire, not taking into account the time difference and calling too late. This has pissed off alot of people. Some are handing out flyers and talking about controversial matters like marijuana or 9-11 truth topics. Its not good to use these issues to convert someone you don't know well. The other campaigns mostly have people who are very well versed in the tactics of campaigning because its not a huge grassroots movement. Unfortunately the other campaigns may also have people trying to sabotage Paul's campaign. There has been plenty of hatred spewed against Paul and his supporters, even trying to subvert the democratic process itself by trying to ban Paul from debates and polls. If such dispicable tactics as these have been used and they are well documented its easy to believe wicked people are also trying to pass themselves off as Paul supporters for the purpose of turning people away from Paul.
The following site helps give information on how to help the campaign:

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