Monday, February 4, 2008

Hiawatha Kansas Vote Ron Paul

I spend alot of time in Topeka and Hiawatha so I'm mentioning these towns in my posts in case they decide to google their home town and Ron Paul's name before heading to the caucus. Hiawatha should vote in the Kansas caucus and they should vote Ron Paul. Look at my last post for more about what I have to say about this. There are so many issues that the candidates and the media should talk about but refuse to.

Topeka Kansas Should Vote Ron Paul

One of the things that hurts the democratic process is when people don't vote their conscience. Instead for whatever reason they vote for what they figure is the lesser of two evils. Usually that's a bit understandable because usually that's the only choice presented to us. Sometimes the candidates are decent people but once they get into Washington or politics in general they end up compromising all of their principles and just vote with the crowd and in time end up becoming corrupted by a system they set out to change. That's not what happened to Ron Paul though. Everyone who has done some study on his record knows he has stayed true to his convictions despite everything. Should we be any different. I'd say if your for some other candidate go ahead and compromise since your candidate probably has done the same a few hundred times himself.

Ron Paul is a different kind of candidate. People who support Paul know that supporting him is about more than even this election its about starting a movement and a revolution. Supporting and voting for Paul means we want to bring attention to certain issues that threaten to destroy the country. We want to create a contituency that will be around even after the election despite who wins. We want to create a watch dog group that keeps track of how the candidates vote and we may even be able to create a third party. The election is about more than any particular issue. Its about more than just liberal or conservative because many people on both sides know things are really wrong in this country. Things that none of the other candidates even talk about. The news media doesn't talk about these issues and chooses not to give fair coverage to anyone who chooses to talk about these issues. So I say please Topeka Kansas and everyone else vote Ron Paul.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Diebold's Rigged Machines are Destoying America

It's bad enough that the media in this country is biased toward certain candidates and doesn't give coverage to some candidates even when they do things that are noteworthy. But now we also have rigged elections because of electronic voting machines that count the votes wrongly and are even biased towards certain candidates. Recently Ron Paul and Barack Obama were cheated out of votes while Clinton and Romney benefitted from corrupted voter machines.

The 2000 election may have also gone in Bush's favor because of these machines. Ohio and Florida were highly controversial. Jeb Bush promised to deliver Florida to his brother but Ohio was also promised to Bush by someone selling Diebold machines to the state. I voted for Bush in 2000 but this is another example of the horrible corruption surrounding this President that makes me regret this choice.

Watch all nine parts of Hacking America on youtube. You can hit the back button to easily navigate here.

It is amazing that this story is not getting more attention in our press. American elections are as corrupt as any in the world. Lets spread democrocy (thruough rigged elections) to all the world.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Read About Paul Daily on Daily Paul

There are alot of good Ron Paul sites including the official campaign site at

But Perhaps the most extensive news site is on the Daily Paul. They have daily articles, forums, video clips, a mall selling Ron Paul gear and a chat site. ttp://

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interest on the Debt Killing America

Some people say they like alot of what Ron Paul stands for but that he goes too far. They could never agree with him on everything he wants to accomplish. I too am in that camp. The fact is Ron Paul wont be able to accomplish everything he wants. No President or politician ever does. What a Ron Paul presidency will do is make this country aware of the different issues that are currently destroying this country. We have an internal revenue system that even if you are for it has grown into something that noone ever wanted it to be. Ron Paul has admitted he may not be able to dismantle it, or it may have to be replaced with a more fair system like a flat tax or the fair tax. He is fully aware that there are compromises he must make. He will however do everything he can and bring awareness to the problems that currently are destroying our money system and people with other ideas will have to be involved in the process. What he wont do is continually sweep the problem under the rug and allow the debt ceiling to be continuously raised until every last bit of taxes collected are going towards nothing but interest on the debt. Interest being paid largely to China which is no friend of the United States. The fact that the other politicians and the media will not raise awareness of these facts and act makes them akin to traitors if this nation and its freedoms are destroyed. I don't agree with Paul on all issues. In fact I think a progressive income tax is one of the more fair ways to raise funds without over taxing the poor who can't afford it. The worst problem is that year after year we continuously raise the debt ceiling instead of paying off what's owed on the debt. Its like the country is run by a bunch of drunk hillbilllies who constantly have to go to the pay day loan store to pay interest on the christmas presents and cigarettes they bougt ten years ago. We're still paying interest on stuff that was used up twenty years ago.

Interest payments are bad enough and are about half of what you have to pay back even when your paying responsibly on something. If you don't pay off your debts responsibly the debt ends up being 50, 60, 70% or more of what your paying. This is why Bush and the media don't care about the debt. Bush's friends and the people who own large stocks in the media also own large stocks in banks and their making a killing. Its also killing the country but hey that's business.

People who talk about Reagan should talk about this. Reagan wanted a balanced budget amendment. If he had gotten it we wouldn't be drowning in debt. The Republicans have betrayed Reagans principles and this country.

I have never cared that much for Rod Parsley's sort of preaching style but it sure works here. Rod Parsley does a great job explaining the national debt. If you're a christian you have to be concerned about the national debt. If you're an American you have to be concerned about the debt.

The media in this country is owned and controlled by people who are involved in this. Limbaugh, Hannity, the other large names in media make multi millions of dollars. In the event of a money crash they will not be hurt. They have enough on hand to profit at our loss. Some will lose their jobs if they talk about it. They will be labeled as cospriacy nuts if they tell the truth. Others may just be ignorant or not have a forum to speak about it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul on the Issues S. Carolina Debate

Here are some Clips of Ron Paul talking about some of the major issues during the New Hampshire debates. Some have said he didn't do well in this debate but considering he had to hold his own against fairly hostile moderators and several other candidates trying to argue against him I think he did very well. Ron Paul isn't always a great speaker, but the issues he brings up are tremendously important and he's very good in interviews, at least the ones that don't have overly biased commentators trying to cut him off whenever he tries to make a valid point. His views are very close to Pat Buchanan's who also gives a great voice to these issues.

Fox likes to say that Ron Paul only wins the debates because his supporters conspire to make him win. Maybe Fox and them are the crazy conspiracy theorists. While his supporters do try to see that he gets a good showing it is also true that the other candidates have their supporters who could call or text if they chose to. These polls do not allow multiple calling from one phone or P.C. so the polls are not rigged. The truth also is Ron Paul is speaking from a different point of view than the other candidates so if you agree more with them your vote will be split among several people. In this way with no real effort on the part of Paul's supporters a poll can easily be projected in his favor.

The economy

Paul Hated because of Neocon Fiscal Hypocricy

Ron Paul is hated by many so called conservatives because he makes them look like a hypocrite. Conservatives used to be for fiscal responsibility and smaller government. Ronald Reagan called for a balanced budget amendment during his term. Today conservatives only pay lip service to these ideas as they constantly raise the debt ceiling and force Americans to pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year in interest alone towards this debt. Someone on Sean Hannity asked why the other candidates dont talk about the debt. Hannity ofcourse used his usual tricks to turn this around on the caller and never did answer the question. Its impossible to get an answer for this out of Hannity or Limbaugh or so many others who think there is no problem with givign billions to China in the form of free interest on the debt and making it so that taxes go towards nothing but interest. Even though I see the terrorists as a real threat this issue gets used all the time to dodge the issue on the debt. Some even believe this is part of the real reason for the war, to simply raise the debt. Why shouldn't conspiracies abound when the main stream news and the conservative talk hosts constantly dodge this issue or try to find a reason to support massive debts. Almost every issue that Ron Paul talks about comes back to the debt, we cant afford the war or these massive social programs because of the debt. This country is broke. If congress were more like Paul maybe we could afford them. He tried to get a balanced budget amendment over the last 30 years. He hasn't raised the debt ceiling. Why not pay off something once instead of having to pay for the same thing year after year in the form of interest. Any good conservative knows that people in their personal or business lives have to work with a budget and try to pay down debt. I liked Bush personally and voted for him his first term and crosse my fingers because I feared he might be like his father and increase the debt in a time when it drastically needed to be paid down. This was my big fear with Bush, ofcourse he also has no regard to border security or the trade deficit either.

Ron Paul is not a Racist

The New Republic came out with an article saying that Ron Paul had written racist comments in newsletter which went out in his name. This may be why some racist type groups have shown support towards Ron Paul in the past. However Ron Paul says that anyone who knows him knows he has never said anything of this nature. Paul says that as a libertarian he does not look at people as part of racial groups but as individuals and that his stand on the issues supports this claim. Paul admires people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Ghandi and others who tried to bring about change with peaceful civil disobediance. He says he is trying hard to bring attention to the fact that our court system is discriminatory towards minorities and that blacks suffer unfair sentencing in drug courts largely based on the color of their skin. Paul says that he is the most popular Republican candidates among blacks because of his stand on these issues. Other issues that Paul cites as unfair towards blacks and minorities is the war issue and the immigration issue. Paul points out that American policy hurts poor people who are so often minorities because these policies force poor Americans to compete for jobs with illegal workers who are paid minimalist wages and are often paid under the table. Paul recognizes this smear tactic against him which he has addressed in the past is cropping up again at this time to hurt him in the campaign and draw black voters away from him.

CNN did a story on this piece and gave him a chance to respond. Watch those clips here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jay Leno with Guest Ron Paul

Ron Paul was on Jay Leno tonight after he was unfairly excluded from a Fox forum that invited the other Republican candidates to attend. Jay who is a true American said that it didn't seem fair that a candidate who had raised more money and had the kind of following Ron Paul has should be excluded from the debate. Thank you Jay Leno for getting it. Watch Ron Paul on the Tonight Show here.
January 7, 2008

October 30, 2007

Fox News Fux Paul and America

New Hampshire takes pride in having a tradition of allowing lesser known candidates have an opportunity to establish themselves as national figures. Its an important part of the democratic process. Because of this the New Hampshire Republican Party has decided to withdraw its support from the Fox forum that excluded both Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter. Hopefully Fox will never be called on again to host such an important debate and that honor will go to a less biased news organization that will put the interests of the American people over the corporate interests of its billionaire CEO. Thank you New Hampshire for putting principle first.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Major Networks Promote Conspiracy Claims

Fox makes no bones about promoting a conservative agenda and for that reason people who are conservative at least usually don't take issue for the way they spin the issues. But when it comes to Dr. Paul a man who has tirelessly promoted conservative values Fox has lost much of its credibility . First by spreading lies about how a handful of his supporters were spamming their polls. Now they have completely subverted the democratic process by not allowing him to participate in their forum.

The major networks have also helped to promote conspiracy claims of media bias but in more subtle ways. For instance any time they promote stories about the candidates they will show all the faces of the Republicans but not Ron Paul. They didn't do a piece on Paul for Nightline even though there are so many interesting aspects to his campaign from the huge money bombs, the blimp, the grass roots support. I cant find anything on google or youtube for this. He got some decent coverage after the november money bombs on some of the morning shows and such but then after the 16th of December it seems like they were suddenly afraid to run Ron Paul stories. The stories are still interesting and news worthy. There have been some small pieces but not nearly what one would expect. Ron Paul is strong among people who have heard about him but the internet only reaches so many people. Allowing Paul to be on Tim Russert and in the debates is a good start but one has to wonder how Paul would be doing if he got near as much coverage as the others and if they weren't constantly making the point that he's a longshot. This ofcourse is a phycological device used to constantly promote the idea that a vote for Paul is a throw away vote.

Again I want to thank ABC for allowing Paul to take part in the debates but the following are some of the ways that subtle media bias works against Paul. These are examples from the January 5th debates.
ABC didn't note the percentage of votes for Paul and Guiliani only the front runners in Iowa.
The discussion between Diane Sawyer and Stephanopolis mentioned Richardson several times but didn't mention Paul despite the fact that he is even lower in the polls than Paul.
Outside when ABC showed supporter signs they quickly panned the cameras away from all the Ron Paul signs to show the Hillary signs.
They had correspondants after the Republican debate to help clarify and defend the positions taken by some of the candidates but not Paul.

These subtle types of media bias are done all the time by the major networks and play a large part in promoting some candidates over others. Its impossible to know how much of this is done on purpose or who makes such decisions but I like to point it out because over time on a daily basis it plays a very important part in promoting the viability or non viability of a candidate without actually having to say anything. These subtle cues register with the people who support Paul or other non establishment candidates and help spread the idea of network conspiracy.

Democrats Back Up Paul's Positions in ABC Debates

I have to give ABC thanks for allowing Ron Paul to take part in the debates on January 5th. It was a far better position to take than Fox who simply banned him from their forum. It was only in August that I told my nephew, who is part of the Obamanation that I usually agreed with most of what Bill O'reilly said on his radio program and my nephew ofcourse didn't have anything kind to say about that. I first heard about Paul in September and since then I myself don't have much to say that's kind towards O'reilly and Fox news. I haven't been watching much. I think the right of the people to hear the candidates takes presedence over any bias the press would have.

One nice thing about the debates is that some of the positions on the war that Ron Paul often tries to get across but never has time to in a national forum were carried over by the Democrats. The Dems talked alot about how Iraq is not doing its part to strengthen security in its own country. How the war has cost us terrible amounts in human lives and how it was a mistake to invade. They also talked about securing nuclear weapons material left over from the cold war, which gets very little attention. They also spoke about how our amazing spending over there makes it more difficult for Americans to pay for what's needed over here.
Does having the Dems back up Paul's positions make Paul a liberal on this issue. I don't know, at least they show he's not a lone nut making outrageous claims that no sane person would make. But Paul doesn't disagree with the President's policies because it boosts his career. He does so out of a true desire to stay as true to what he sees as Constitutional principles. He also does so out of a desire to stop the country from sliding into a horrible depression that will severly hurt America's poor and middle class. That's why I can support him even on this issue where I am not in complete agreement.

I give Obama and Paul more credit when they take a stand againt the war because they have stayed consistant by being against it from the beginning. The others who voted for the war play a political game where they support executive decisions as long as their Party has a President, then go the other way when the other party has a President. Republicans bashed Clinton for being too aggressive then, Democrats who voted for the war bashed Bush for being too aggressive.

At the top of the post I gave ABC credit for including Paul in the debate. In the next post I'll go into some of the subtle ways the major networks still show bias against Paul.

Greta Van Susteren made Good Points about Paul

Greta Van Susteren made some good points about Ron Paul and his deserving to be included in the debates. Watch it here
There is no reason to leave Paul out of the forum when he is pulling votes in Iowa that are stronger than one of the supposed front runners and only three points behind two other better known and far more publicized candidates. I don't know much about Duncan Hunter but I think if he is able to connect with a large part of the public than he too should be included in the debates.

Friday, January 4, 2008

More on Blowback

I understand the concept of blowback. In fact when the war began it was one of the reasons I used to state that going into Iraq may be a good idea. Arabia is sacred to all muslims as a holy place and having our troops in Iraq would incur their wrath less than having them on Saudi soil. If we had more troops in the beginning like Tommy Franks had said the surge would have taken place early in the war. But we allowed Rumsfeld to make military decisions that he was not qualified to make. We may also have avoided the war entirely if Bush had left Arabia within the time frame he had promised instead of staying for ten years. Or if we had invaded at the end of the Gulf War and gotten our troops out of Arabia. Understanding how the terrorists use their religion to incite hatred and recruitment is something we need to understand.

I support Paul mostly on his economic policies. The growing American debt and trade imbalances are creating a crises that will make it so that we cant afford to have a military or any other programs that we need. I have been for a balanced budget amendment ever since 1987 when Reagan called for it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ron Paul's Friend Ronald Reagan

I was just a kid when Ronald Reagan was President but I remember that this was a man that we really loved. He was a strong leader and a genuinely decent man. He was also a friend of Ron Paul's. Here's what he said of his friend

Ron Paul led the delegation to elect Ronald Reagan, even then he was a man of vision.

Some have tried to use small parts from this speech to detract from Paul's positions while failing to let the people hear the entire speech. It is the defining speech of his career.

Ron Paul has said it was right to go into Aphganistan, because they attacked us.
Ron Paul did not vote to go into Iraq, but has said if we do go there we should have a declaration of war and be in it to win. He knows that it is congress that makes such declarations. We have a process laid out by the founding fathers for going to war. There is a difference between being a Blame America First leftist and a Protect America First conservative.

Some have said that 9-ll changed everything. But if it changes us and makes us a people who discard the constitution and the bill of rights then the terrorists have won.

Buchanan defends Ron Paul Positions

Pat Buchanan represents Reagan values as well as anyone and he consistantly defends Ron Paul on even foreign issues where Paul draws the most criticism from conservatives. Buchanan like Paul understands the dangers of entangled alliances and the dangers of overextending the military better than anyone I know. I would love to see him as Paul' Vice President.

Tucker and Buchanan discuss Paul's chances in Iowa and his exclusion from the Fox forum

Buchanan on Paul's foreign policy

On Paul's voting record

Buchanan understands the blowback issue

On Iraq

Paul and Buchanan are extremely well informed on so many issues. Other people can debate them on the issues but their arguements often fall apart. These are brilliant men. Buchanan is often even better at defending Ron Paul's positions than Paul.

Andre Eggelletion and other links

While listening to Coast to Coast A.M. I was listening to Andre Eggeletion who was talking about important issues and I decide to put the link to his site where you can listen to his radio program online. He was talking about monetary policy and how Ron Paul is the only one in congress with the balls to talk about these issues. Heres the site. I'll put more on here as I hear about them and on The American Voice.

Watch Ron on Youtube

Ron Paul isn't seen in the media nearly as much as the other candidates but luckily there are a lot of good people out there who youtube him so that we can watch him and the other candidates and make up our own mind as to who we want to vote for. I have some easy links at The American Voice to some of the major interviews Ron Paul has done and you can just use your back button when a segment is over. You can go here to watch them:

I have links to interviews with Jack Cafferty, Glenn Beck, Jon Stossel, Tucker Carlson, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Jim Cramer, Lou Dobbs, Jim Lehrer, Dennis Miller, Sam Donaldson, Morning Joe, C-span, The View, PBS Now, and Alex Jones and more.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ron Paul on Sean Hannity Show

Today Sean Hannity interviewed Ron Paul on his radio show and it was a surprisingly good interview. Ofcourse Hannity didn't agree with everything Ron agrees with but neither do I. The point is it was a fair discussion where Ron Paul got to make several important points without being cut off. I wish it had been longer because Ron Paul has many interesting things to say on important topics that need to be part of the national debate. It would also seem that Hannity is allowing people to talk about Paul again on his website and here is part of that discussion

If I can find a recording of it I will put a link on this page and here
this site used to have links to Hannity and may again in the future but I have temporarily changed it.

Here it is

Hawkeyes Vote Ron Paul

Des Moines and Iowa can play a big part in bringing freedom and government of, by and for the people back to America. I have an Aunt in Des Moines and I do kind of envy her right now because Iowans are in a unique position to bring Ron Paul to a place of prominence and prove once and for all that he is a serious contender for the Presidency. Iowa is full of people of integrity. If your concerned about high taxes, the debt, immigration national security, eroding civil liberties and so many other issues that the other candidates won't even discuss then vote Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is the candidate that wanted us to focus on getting Bin Laden instead of going into Iraq. Ron Paul is supported by more active duty military officers than any other candidate. If he wasn't I wouldn't feel comfortable supporting him on his war stand. Ron Paul is not a blame America first person as his detractors would describe him. He is a man who wants to give necessary constructive criticism so that we do not make military mistakes that throw away lives and rack up enormous expenses. There are times when questioning the government is not only a right but a duty.
Are you concerned about throwing your vote away because he's low in the polls. Consider this Ron Paul is polling double digits in several polls and he has many supporters who are not called by pollsters because his supporters are young with cell phones and have never voted or have not voted for a while because they have grown discusted by the Republican betrayal of Reagan principles. Ron Paul is drawing in third party support and democrats just like Reagan. If you like Paul then vote your conscience.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Topeka Vote 2008 Candidate Ron Paul

I started this blog on December 17th after Ron Paul set the record for the most funds ever raised for a campaign in a single day. It was then that he became the six million dollar man and so this blog was named Bionic Ron Paul. Go here if you want to join the Topeka meet up

Part of this blog is inspired by the media bias against Ron Paul. He doesn't get the coverage that a candidate of his stature deserves. You can read more about that in my December blogs.
Kansas is having a GOP caucus this year and you can learn more about it here:

Title Page:The Six Million Dollar Ron

This was the first page I wrote for this Blog. I have many Youtube links on the Ron Paul page of the following site:

Ron Paul has done it again, raising an astonishing six million dollars in a one day fundraising blitz coinsiding with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Paul not only broke his own record of 4.3 million set November 5th but broke all one day fundraising records including one set by Kerry in the 2004 election of 5.7 million. Ron Paul has been counted dead by those who would dismiss his legitimacy as a candidate but his followers and their donations continue to grow exponentially. Like Steve Austin he has risen again proving himself the bionic candidate. If people are willing to research what he says instead of listening to spin doctor lies they will find a man with intelligent ideas that can pose real solutions to America's problems. Ron Paul, the six million dollar man has a real shot if the American press is willing to prove that its not a paid off corporate shill and actually give the man equal time with the other leading candidates.

These posts are written with the earlier ones toward the bottom. I try to keep this post towards the top by altering the date stamp. Since some posts build on a theme from a previous one they may have a better context when read in that order.
I thought I might be the first to make the bionic connection but I got this pic from the following site.
I hope the campaign can obtain the rights to use this pic on its gear.
This blog was started about midnight right after the days totals came in on December 16th.

Republican Party Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Clintlickers, Huckabutts and the Obamanation

Being a Ron Paul supporter I've noticed there are some derogatory terms for those of us that support him. Some people use these terms to be humorous while some of us wear them with a badge of honor. My personal favorite is Paulunteer. I also like Ronulan, good for Ronald Reagan lovers too. The people I take issue with are the people who are incredibly hateful in their posts towards fellow citizens simply taking part in the American democratic system. I too get angry, mostly with the biased press that won't talke about the important issues Ron Paul tries to promote. As for the candidates they are supposed to be biased, but I do take issue with the Republicans who are not living up to traditional conservative principles and the legacy of Ronald Reagan's, especially in the area of promoting balanced budgets as discussed here.

With that being said why should all the Ron Paul people be afforded such colorful names so without any further ado here are some terms (maybe you've heard them before) for some of the other candidate's supporters.
Bill had Monica now Hillary has her Clintlickers.
I love Chuck Norris but he's one butt kicking Huckabutt.
Oprah and my nephew are part of the ObamaNation.
Cross dressing Rudy has his Julie Annies.
The Breck girl with the $400 hair cuts has the Edward Scissorhands.
Those for the Romnulan empire love their guy from Massachusettes.
Is anyone else running. Who cares.

Hillobam and Giuliomney Whats the difference

There doesn't really seem to be much of a difference between the front runners on both sides of the political aisle. Whether you vote for Hillary, Obama, Giuliani, or Romney your pretty much going to get the same thing you've been getting in the past. With Hillary its even worse because they've already been in the white house before, and Romney is talking about getting Jeb for his running mate. God, its bad enought that we have two parties who agree that running up huge debts and paying as much interest as possible is good for the public. Its bad enough they both play games with immigration, our currency and send our kids to war and talk about getting involved in endless other wars till the end of time. Now we have two families trying to get in there year after year. You know they must be getting Chelsea ready to do her part and once Jeb's had his turn one of Barney's brood will be boning up for the job.
The Republicans and the Democrats are two sides of the same coin pushing each other's agendas. Bush gets in and increases the size of government. The Dems want to get in and keep the war going. They're both soft on immigration and like the idea of a North American Union. They both vote for trade agreements that send American jobs overseas. As individuals the candidates have some differences, but the parties themselves each represent two heads on the same bird. Each have strong ties to globalist trade organizations involved in making international trade laws. Paul is the only well supported candidate that doesn't.

When your running at full speed towards the edge of a cliff it's probably a good idea to put on the brakes and take a look around. If nothing else that's what a Ron Paul presidency would do. If after Paul gets in and America decides it wants to keep going and do a nose dive into destruction then at least they will have the opportunity to hear all the facts and know what they are getting into.