Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul on the Issues S. Carolina Debate

Here are some Clips of Ron Paul talking about some of the major issues during the New Hampshire debates. Some have said he didn't do well in this debate but considering he had to hold his own against fairly hostile moderators and several other candidates trying to argue against him I think he did very well. Ron Paul isn't always a great speaker, but the issues he brings up are tremendously important and he's very good in interviews, at least the ones that don't have overly biased commentators trying to cut him off whenever he tries to make a valid point. His views are very close to Pat Buchanan's who also gives a great voice to these issues.

Fox likes to say that Ron Paul only wins the debates because his supporters conspire to make him win. Maybe Fox and them are the crazy conspiracy theorists. While his supporters do try to see that he gets a good showing it is also true that the other candidates have their supporters who could call or text if they chose to. These polls do not allow multiple calling from one phone or P.C. so the polls are not rigged. The truth also is Ron Paul is speaking from a different point of view than the other candidates so if you agree more with them your vote will be split among several people. In this way with no real effort on the part of Paul's supporters a poll can easily be projected in his favor.

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