Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Clintlickers, Huckabutts and the Obamanation

Being a Ron Paul supporter I've noticed there are some derogatory terms for those of us that support him. Some people use these terms to be humorous while some of us wear them with a badge of honor. My personal favorite is Paulunteer. I also like Ronulan, good for Ronald Reagan lovers too. The people I take issue with are the people who are incredibly hateful in their posts towards fellow citizens simply taking part in the American democratic system. I too get angry, mostly with the biased press that won't talke about the important issues Ron Paul tries to promote. As for the candidates they are supposed to be biased, but I do take issue with the Republicans who are not living up to traditional conservative principles and the legacy of Ronald Reagan's, especially in the area of promoting balanced budgets as discussed here. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B0DE3DE143EF937A35754C0A961948260

With that being said why should all the Ron Paul people be afforded such colorful names so without any further ado here are some terms (maybe you've heard them before) for some of the other candidate's supporters.
Bill had Monica now Hillary has her Clintlickers.
I love Chuck Norris but he's one butt kicking Huckabutt.
Oprah and my nephew are part of the ObamaNation.
Cross dressing Rudy has his Julie Annies.
The Breck girl with the $400 hair cuts has the Edward Scissorhands.
Those for the Romnulan empire love their guy from Massachusettes.
Is anyone else running. Who cares.

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