Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ron Paul's Friend Ronald Reagan

I was just a kid when Ronald Reagan was President but I remember that this was a man that we really loved. He was a strong leader and a genuinely decent man. He was also a friend of Ron Paul's. Here's what he said of his friend

Ron Paul led the delegation to elect Ronald Reagan, even then he was a man of vision.

Some have tried to use small parts from this speech to detract from Paul's positions while failing to let the people hear the entire speech. It is the defining speech of his career.

Ron Paul has said it was right to go into Aphganistan, because they attacked us.
Ron Paul did not vote to go into Iraq, but has said if we do go there we should have a declaration of war and be in it to win. He knows that it is congress that makes such declarations. We have a process laid out by the founding fathers for going to war. There is a difference between being a Blame America First leftist and a Protect America First conservative.

Some have said that 9-ll changed everything. But if it changes us and makes us a people who discard the constitution and the bill of rights then the terrorists have won.

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