Monday, February 4, 2008

Hiawatha Kansas Vote Ron Paul

I spend alot of time in Topeka and Hiawatha so I'm mentioning these towns in my posts in case they decide to google their home town and Ron Paul's name before heading to the caucus. Hiawatha should vote in the Kansas caucus and they should vote Ron Paul. Look at my last post for more about what I have to say about this. There are so many issues that the candidates and the media should talk about but refuse to.

Topeka Kansas Should Vote Ron Paul

One of the things that hurts the democratic process is when people don't vote their conscience. Instead for whatever reason they vote for what they figure is the lesser of two evils. Usually that's a bit understandable because usually that's the only choice presented to us. Sometimes the candidates are decent people but once they get into Washington or politics in general they end up compromising all of their principles and just vote with the crowd and in time end up becoming corrupted by a system they set out to change. That's not what happened to Ron Paul though. Everyone who has done some study on his record knows he has stayed true to his convictions despite everything. Should we be any different. I'd say if your for some other candidate go ahead and compromise since your candidate probably has done the same a few hundred times himself.

Ron Paul is a different kind of candidate. People who support Paul know that supporting him is about more than even this election its about starting a movement and a revolution. Supporting and voting for Paul means we want to bring attention to certain issues that threaten to destroy the country. We want to create a contituency that will be around even after the election despite who wins. We want to create a watch dog group that keeps track of how the candidates vote and we may even be able to create a third party. The election is about more than any particular issue. Its about more than just liberal or conservative because many people on both sides know things are really wrong in this country. Things that none of the other candidates even talk about. The news media doesn't talk about these issues and chooses not to give fair coverage to anyone who chooses to talk about these issues. So I say please Topeka Kansas and everyone else vote Ron Paul.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Diebold's Rigged Machines are Destoying America

It's bad enough that the media in this country is biased toward certain candidates and doesn't give coverage to some candidates even when they do things that are noteworthy. But now we also have rigged elections because of electronic voting machines that count the votes wrongly and are even biased towards certain candidates. Recently Ron Paul and Barack Obama were cheated out of votes while Clinton and Romney benefitted from corrupted voter machines.

The 2000 election may have also gone in Bush's favor because of these machines. Ohio and Florida were highly controversial. Jeb Bush promised to deliver Florida to his brother but Ohio was also promised to Bush by someone selling Diebold machines to the state. I voted for Bush in 2000 but this is another example of the horrible corruption surrounding this President that makes me regret this choice.

Watch all nine parts of Hacking America on youtube. You can hit the back button to easily navigate here.

It is amazing that this story is not getting more attention in our press. American elections are as corrupt as any in the world. Lets spread democrocy (thruough rigged elections) to all the world.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Read About Paul Daily on Daily Paul

There are alot of good Ron Paul sites including the official campaign site at

But Perhaps the most extensive news site is on the Daily Paul. They have daily articles, forums, video clips, a mall selling Ron Paul gear and a chat site. ttp://

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interest on the Debt Killing America

Some people say they like alot of what Ron Paul stands for but that he goes too far. They could never agree with him on everything he wants to accomplish. I too am in that camp. The fact is Ron Paul wont be able to accomplish everything he wants. No President or politician ever does. What a Ron Paul presidency will do is make this country aware of the different issues that are currently destroying this country. We have an internal revenue system that even if you are for it has grown into something that noone ever wanted it to be. Ron Paul has admitted he may not be able to dismantle it, or it may have to be replaced with a more fair system like a flat tax or the fair tax. He is fully aware that there are compromises he must make. He will however do everything he can and bring awareness to the problems that currently are destroying our money system and people with other ideas will have to be involved in the process. What he wont do is continually sweep the problem under the rug and allow the debt ceiling to be continuously raised until every last bit of taxes collected are going towards nothing but interest on the debt. Interest being paid largely to China which is no friend of the United States. The fact that the other politicians and the media will not raise awareness of these facts and act makes them akin to traitors if this nation and its freedoms are destroyed. I don't agree with Paul on all issues. In fact I think a progressive income tax is one of the more fair ways to raise funds without over taxing the poor who can't afford it. The worst problem is that year after year we continuously raise the debt ceiling instead of paying off what's owed on the debt. Its like the country is run by a bunch of drunk hillbilllies who constantly have to go to the pay day loan store to pay interest on the christmas presents and cigarettes they bougt ten years ago. We're still paying interest on stuff that was used up twenty years ago.

Interest payments are bad enough and are about half of what you have to pay back even when your paying responsibly on something. If you don't pay off your debts responsibly the debt ends up being 50, 60, 70% or more of what your paying. This is why Bush and the media don't care about the debt. Bush's friends and the people who own large stocks in the media also own large stocks in banks and their making a killing. Its also killing the country but hey that's business.

People who talk about Reagan should talk about this. Reagan wanted a balanced budget amendment. If he had gotten it we wouldn't be drowning in debt. The Republicans have betrayed Reagans principles and this country.

I have never cared that much for Rod Parsley's sort of preaching style but it sure works here. Rod Parsley does a great job explaining the national debt. If you're a christian you have to be concerned about the national debt. If you're an American you have to be concerned about the debt.

The media in this country is owned and controlled by people who are involved in this. Limbaugh, Hannity, the other large names in media make multi millions of dollars. In the event of a money crash they will not be hurt. They have enough on hand to profit at our loss. Some will lose their jobs if they talk about it. They will be labeled as cospriacy nuts if they tell the truth. Others may just be ignorant or not have a forum to speak about it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul on the Issues S. Carolina Debate

Here are some Clips of Ron Paul talking about some of the major issues during the New Hampshire debates. Some have said he didn't do well in this debate but considering he had to hold his own against fairly hostile moderators and several other candidates trying to argue against him I think he did very well. Ron Paul isn't always a great speaker, but the issues he brings up are tremendously important and he's very good in interviews, at least the ones that don't have overly biased commentators trying to cut him off whenever he tries to make a valid point. His views are very close to Pat Buchanan's who also gives a great voice to these issues.

Fox likes to say that Ron Paul only wins the debates because his supporters conspire to make him win. Maybe Fox and them are the crazy conspiracy theorists. While his supporters do try to see that he gets a good showing it is also true that the other candidates have their supporters who could call or text if they chose to. These polls do not allow multiple calling from one phone or P.C. so the polls are not rigged. The truth also is Ron Paul is speaking from a different point of view than the other candidates so if you agree more with them your vote will be split among several people. In this way with no real effort on the part of Paul's supporters a poll can easily be projected in his favor.

The economy

Paul Hated because of Neocon Fiscal Hypocricy

Ron Paul is hated by many so called conservatives because he makes them look like a hypocrite. Conservatives used to be for fiscal responsibility and smaller government. Ronald Reagan called for a balanced budget amendment during his term. Today conservatives only pay lip service to these ideas as they constantly raise the debt ceiling and force Americans to pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year in interest alone towards this debt. Someone on Sean Hannity asked why the other candidates dont talk about the debt. Hannity ofcourse used his usual tricks to turn this around on the caller and never did answer the question. Its impossible to get an answer for this out of Hannity or Limbaugh or so many others who think there is no problem with givign billions to China in the form of free interest on the debt and making it so that taxes go towards nothing but interest. Even though I see the terrorists as a real threat this issue gets used all the time to dodge the issue on the debt. Some even believe this is part of the real reason for the war, to simply raise the debt. Why shouldn't conspiracies abound when the main stream news and the conservative talk hosts constantly dodge this issue or try to find a reason to support massive debts. Almost every issue that Ron Paul talks about comes back to the debt, we cant afford the war or these massive social programs because of the debt. This country is broke. If congress were more like Paul maybe we could afford them. He tried to get a balanced budget amendment over the last 30 years. He hasn't raised the debt ceiling. Why not pay off something once instead of having to pay for the same thing year after year in the form of interest. Any good conservative knows that people in their personal or business lives have to work with a budget and try to pay down debt. I liked Bush personally and voted for him his first term and crosse my fingers because I feared he might be like his father and increase the debt in a time when it drastically needed to be paid down. This was my big fear with Bush, ofcourse he also has no regard to border security or the trade deficit either.