Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Title Page:The Six Million Dollar Ron

This was the first page I wrote for this Blog. I have many Youtube links on the Ron Paul page of the following site:

Ron Paul has done it again, raising an astonishing six million dollars in a one day fundraising blitz coinsiding with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Paul not only broke his own record of 4.3 million set November 5th but broke all one day fundraising records including one set by Kerry in the 2004 election of 5.7 million. Ron Paul has been counted dead by those who would dismiss his legitimacy as a candidate but his followers and their donations continue to grow exponentially. Like Steve Austin he has risen again proving himself the bionic candidate. If people are willing to research what he says instead of listening to spin doctor lies they will find a man with intelligent ideas that can pose real solutions to America's problems. Ron Paul, the six million dollar man has a real shot if the American press is willing to prove that its not a paid off corporate shill and actually give the man equal time with the other leading candidates.

These posts are written with the earlier ones toward the bottom. I try to keep this post towards the top by altering the date stamp. Since some posts build on a theme from a previous one they may have a better context when read in that order.
I thought I might be the first to make the bionic connection but I got this pic from the following site.
I hope the campaign can obtain the rights to use this pic on its gear.
This blog was started about midnight right after the days totals came in on December 16th.

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