Friday, January 4, 2008

More on Blowback

I understand the concept of blowback. In fact when the war began it was one of the reasons I used to state that going into Iraq may be a good idea. Arabia is sacred to all muslims as a holy place and having our troops in Iraq would incur their wrath less than having them on Saudi soil. If we had more troops in the beginning like Tommy Franks had said the surge would have taken place early in the war. But we allowed Rumsfeld to make military decisions that he was not qualified to make. We may also have avoided the war entirely if Bush had left Arabia within the time frame he had promised instead of staying for ten years. Or if we had invaded at the end of the Gulf War and gotten our troops out of Arabia. Understanding how the terrorists use their religion to incite hatred and recruitment is something we need to understand.

I support Paul mostly on his economic policies. The growing American debt and trade imbalances are creating a crises that will make it so that we cant afford to have a military or any other programs that we need. I have been for a balanced budget amendment ever since 1987 when Reagan called for it.

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