Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul is not a Racist

The New Republic came out with an article saying that Ron Paul had written racist comments in newsletter which went out in his name. This may be why some racist type groups have shown support towards Ron Paul in the past. However Ron Paul says that anyone who knows him knows he has never said anything of this nature. Paul says that as a libertarian he does not look at people as part of racial groups but as individuals and that his stand on the issues supports this claim. Paul admires people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Ghandi and others who tried to bring about change with peaceful civil disobediance. He says he is trying hard to bring attention to the fact that our court system is discriminatory towards minorities and that blacks suffer unfair sentencing in drug courts largely based on the color of their skin. Paul says that he is the most popular Republican candidates among blacks because of his stand on these issues. Other issues that Paul cites as unfair towards blacks and minorities is the war issue and the immigration issue. Paul points out that American policy hurts poor people who are so often minorities because these policies force poor Americans to compete for jobs with illegal workers who are paid minimalist wages and are often paid under the table. Paul recognizes this smear tactic against him which he has addressed in the past is cropping up again at this time to hurt him in the campaign and draw black voters away from him.

CNN did a story on this piece and gave him a chance to respond. Watch those clips here.

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