Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hawkeyes Vote Ron Paul

Des Moines and Iowa can play a big part in bringing freedom and government of, by and for the people back to America. I have an Aunt in Des Moines and I do kind of envy her right now because Iowans are in a unique position to bring Ron Paul to a place of prominence and prove once and for all that he is a serious contender for the Presidency. Iowa is full of people of integrity. If your concerned about high taxes, the debt, immigration national security, eroding civil liberties and so many other issues that the other candidates won't even discuss then vote Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is the candidate that wanted us to focus on getting Bin Laden instead of going into Iraq. Ron Paul is supported by more active duty military officers than any other candidate. If he wasn't I wouldn't feel comfortable supporting him on his war stand. Ron Paul is not a blame America first person as his detractors would describe him. He is a man who wants to give necessary constructive criticism so that we do not make military mistakes that throw away lives and rack up enormous expenses. There are times when questioning the government is not only a right but a duty.
Are you concerned about throwing your vote away because he's low in the polls. Consider this Ron Paul is polling double digits in several polls and he has many supporters who are not called by pollsters because his supporters are young with cell phones and have never voted or have not voted for a while because they have grown discusted by the Republican betrayal of Reagan principles. Ron Paul is drawing in third party support and democrats just like Reagan. If you like Paul then vote your conscience.

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