Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interest on the Debt Killing America

Some people say they like alot of what Ron Paul stands for but that he goes too far. They could never agree with him on everything he wants to accomplish. I too am in that camp. The fact is Ron Paul wont be able to accomplish everything he wants. No President or politician ever does. What a Ron Paul presidency will do is make this country aware of the different issues that are currently destroying this country. We have an internal revenue system that even if you are for it has grown into something that noone ever wanted it to be. Ron Paul has admitted he may not be able to dismantle it, or it may have to be replaced with a more fair system like a flat tax or the fair tax. He is fully aware that there are compromises he must make. He will however do everything he can and bring awareness to the problems that currently are destroying our money system and people with other ideas will have to be involved in the process. What he wont do is continually sweep the problem under the rug and allow the debt ceiling to be continuously raised until every last bit of taxes collected are going towards nothing but interest on the debt. Interest being paid largely to China which is no friend of the United States. The fact that the other politicians and the media will not raise awareness of these facts and act makes them akin to traitors if this nation and its freedoms are destroyed. I don't agree with Paul on all issues. In fact I think a progressive income tax is one of the more fair ways to raise funds without over taxing the poor who can't afford it. The worst problem is that year after year we continuously raise the debt ceiling instead of paying off what's owed on the debt. Its like the country is run by a bunch of drunk hillbilllies who constantly have to go to the pay day loan store to pay interest on the christmas presents and cigarettes they bougt ten years ago. We're still paying interest on stuff that was used up twenty years ago.

Interest payments are bad enough and are about half of what you have to pay back even when your paying responsibly on something. If you don't pay off your debts responsibly the debt ends up being 50, 60, 70% or more of what your paying. This is why Bush and the media don't care about the debt. Bush's friends and the people who own large stocks in the media also own large stocks in banks and their making a killing. Its also killing the country but hey that's business.

People who talk about Reagan should talk about this. Reagan wanted a balanced budget amendment. If he had gotten it we wouldn't be drowning in debt. The Republicans have betrayed Reagans principles and this country.

I have never cared that much for Rod Parsley's sort of preaching style but it sure works here. Rod Parsley does a great job explaining the national debt. If you're a christian you have to be concerned about the national debt. If you're an American you have to be concerned about the debt.

The media in this country is owned and controlled by people who are involved in this. Limbaugh, Hannity, the other large names in media make multi millions of dollars. In the event of a money crash they will not be hurt. They have enough on hand to profit at our loss. Some will lose their jobs if they talk about it. They will be labeled as cospriacy nuts if they tell the truth. Others may just be ignorant or not have a forum to speak about it.

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