Friday, January 11, 2008

Paul Hated because of Neocon Fiscal Hypocricy

Ron Paul is hated by many so called conservatives because he makes them look like a hypocrite. Conservatives used to be for fiscal responsibility and smaller government. Ronald Reagan called for a balanced budget amendment during his term. Today conservatives only pay lip service to these ideas as they constantly raise the debt ceiling and force Americans to pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year in interest alone towards this debt. Someone on Sean Hannity asked why the other candidates dont talk about the debt. Hannity ofcourse used his usual tricks to turn this around on the caller and never did answer the question. Its impossible to get an answer for this out of Hannity or Limbaugh or so many others who think there is no problem with givign billions to China in the form of free interest on the debt and making it so that taxes go towards nothing but interest. Even though I see the terrorists as a real threat this issue gets used all the time to dodge the issue on the debt. Some even believe this is part of the real reason for the war, to simply raise the debt. Why shouldn't conspiracies abound when the main stream news and the conservative talk hosts constantly dodge this issue or try to find a reason to support massive debts. Almost every issue that Ron Paul talks about comes back to the debt, we cant afford the war or these massive social programs because of the debt. This country is broke. If congress were more like Paul maybe we could afford them. He tried to get a balanced budget amendment over the last 30 years. He hasn't raised the debt ceiling. Why not pay off something once instead of having to pay for the same thing year after year in the form of interest. Any good conservative knows that people in their personal or business lives have to work with a budget and try to pay down debt. I liked Bush personally and voted for him his first term and crosse my fingers because I feared he might be like his father and increase the debt in a time when it drastically needed to be paid down. This was my big fear with Bush, ofcourse he also has no regard to border security or the trade deficit either.

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