Friday, January 18, 2008

Diebold's Rigged Machines are Destoying America

It's bad enough that the media in this country is biased toward certain candidates and doesn't give coverage to some candidates even when they do things that are noteworthy. But now we also have rigged elections because of electronic voting machines that count the votes wrongly and are even biased towards certain candidates. Recently Ron Paul and Barack Obama were cheated out of votes while Clinton and Romney benefitted from corrupted voter machines.

The 2000 election may have also gone in Bush's favor because of these machines. Ohio and Florida were highly controversial. Jeb Bush promised to deliver Florida to his brother but Ohio was also promised to Bush by someone selling Diebold machines to the state. I voted for Bush in 2000 but this is another example of the horrible corruption surrounding this President that makes me regret this choice.

Watch all nine parts of Hacking America on youtube. You can hit the back button to easily navigate here.

It is amazing that this story is not getting more attention in our press. American elections are as corrupt as any in the world. Lets spread democrocy (thruough rigged elections) to all the world.

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