Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sean Hannity You're a Degrading American

Sean Hannity gets alot of attention from conservatives and christians. I have liked him a long time so I mention him here. I have unfortunately grown discusted with him because he either only runs Ron Paul down or refuses to ever mention him. They will mention every other candidate Republican or Democrat on his radio show but not Ron Paul. By refusing to mention a leading candidate like Paul even when less prominant candidates are mentioned shows a bias so extreme I cant trust him on anything any more. Hannity claims to be pro life. For this reason alone he should at least show Ron Paul the respect he deserves. I agree with Hannity on alot of things but nothing excuses such blatant media bias. By refusing to mention Ron Paul he is refusing to do his job as a commentator or journalist. Whats worse is that Hannity is constantly railing about media bias. He is a huge hypocrite and that makes me both angry and sad since he used to be someone I respect.

I've never heard this kind of censorship on his show even towards a Hillary supporter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPrzQ2HyJsc

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