Monday, December 17, 2007

Voting Democrat

I've never voted Democrat but if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination or run as an independant I might. Part of the reason is that the other republican front runners won't really try to do anything about the pro life issue. They use it to grab conservatives and christians so that they will vote on things they otherwise wouldn't like NAFTA or the war. At least if a democrat was in office they would more closely scrutinize their decisions instead of blindly following anything they say no matter how much it goes against their traditional values.
Also the democrats seem more willing to explore alternative energy solutions and while I haven't decided whether or not global warming is real I do know rising fuel costs are. I also support the idea of making America less dependant on foreign fuel and in creating more jobs here with an emerging biofuel industry. Perhaps at least in this regard we can help fuel our economy and increase our national security. I wish Huckabee was someone I could support. He claims to support alternative fuels. The problem is I just have lost faith with the Republicans and don't trust them to keep their promises any more. I voted for Bush and he has totally gone against conservative principles and brought us to the brink of economic collapse. However the Democratic candidates are extremely weak on immigration and too socialist for my tastes so I wouldn't recommend voting for any of them.

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