Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bigger than Any One Issue

Ron Paul has caught the attention of alot of people with differing views. He draws devoted fans from the republican, libertarian and democratic party. So did Ronald Reagan. These people have various ideas some are pro life others pro choice. Most are fiercly opposed to the war but some like myself are split on this issue, some may even be for it. What I think we all agree on is that Ron Paul is bringing attention to the fact that there is something really wrong with this country. Something bigger than any one issue. Personally I mostly support him for three reasons. One reason is that he isn't given fair coverage by the press and that just burns me to a degree that I feel compelled to be on his side. I want someone to win or loose based on the power of their ideas not because the press has decided to act as a corporate shill and not cover the issues. We need new types of media in this country that won't be controlled by the super wealthy. Ron Paul can take his mandates directly to the people.

Ron Paul also is fiscally responsible never voting for a pay raise or higher taxes, almost never voting for any kind of pork projects and never voting to increase the debt ceiling which is the major reason this country is in trouble. Its the constant raising of the debt ceiling which has produced the 9 trillion dollar debt and 400 billion dollar a year interest. He never voted for NAFTA and GATT which have produced our huge trade deficits and outsourcing of jobs. These trade agreements are largely responsible for the immigration crises as well.
Ron Paul is very stong on the immigration issue.

Third Ron Paul is very strong on immigration. Millions of illegal aliens flood into this country every year draining state and federal resources, forcing hospitals to close, commiting crimes and turning border towns into war zones. Mexico is an extremely corrupt country which deals with its poor and criminal elements by sending them to America. Mexico must reform its laws. But noone is pushing them to do this. We have no choice but to get tough on immigration. However the President and others have plans to turn Mexico, America, and Canada into a North American Union similar to the European Union. To them immigration reform is a step backward. They want America to become more like Mexico where the general population is impoverished and the weathiest people are super wealthy. They hate the constitution which is why they hate Ron Paul. These are things that are not spoken of much by the major networks except by someone like Pat Buchanan. Its spoken of more on CNN with Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck mentions it sometimes. However these issues are so huge they take a large national dialogue and someone truly commited to reform like Ron Paul to get things done.

Liberals and conservatives can find plenty of people to talk about the smaller issues dealing with individual programs. Theissues I've listed plus the constant erosion of our civil liberties with the patriot act and executive decisions that destroy the constitutional balance of powers threaten to destroy America as we've known it. Freedom and liberty itself are at stake.
There are many other reasons to support Paul ofcourse and each person will have their favorites. I think Americans also feel that when the other candidates do give attention to some of these issues they are only paying lip service. Ron Paul's consistant stand on the issues over such a long period of time has given him a credibility that can't be found in anyone else.

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