Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Network Dirty Tricks

Now I've been critical of the press in past articles and this criticism has largely been aimed at Sean Hannity. Hannity because I have respected his opinions in the past and feel betrayed by his tactics of shunning Ron Paul. I don't think any candidate should be treated like this whether I like them or not. The other target of my criticism has been the three major networks because they are supposed to be the pinnacle of electronic journalism. These networks gained my attention for biased reporting when they refused to talk about Ron Paul's Boston Tea party rallies held all over America by thousands of people in bitter weather. They also refused to mention his day of record fund raising. Meanwhile they did report on Hillary and Mccain recieving endorsements and showed the other candidates for no particular reason at all. They should set the standards for a fair and balanced press not just in America but around the world. These are the non cable networks available to most people with either no cable or limited cable plans. Their huge market share makes it very important that all the candidates with a large following be heard.
The other candidates are receiving millions of dollars worth of television coverage every day. But perhaps they should since they are bought and paid for by the corporations that own the media. If they do mention Paul they always use their dirty little tricks to play with your mind. They say he cant win and they ask if he'll run for a third party when he looses. They want to deter anyone who might actually be thinking of voting for Paul from "throwing their vote away." If the media does talk about Paul they say he's taking votes from other candidates. Duh. All the candidates take away votes from other candidates. Ron Paul is actually bringing votes into the Republican party from people who weren't in it before.
There are the second tier cable networks. Some of these have actually done a pretty decent job of reporting on Ron Paul and his record breaking fundraising campaign. These networks however are only available to people with pricier cable plans and satellite service. Even these however don't give him equal time and spam the other candidates.

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