Monday, December 17, 2007

The Media Proves its Bias

Katie Couric the news anchor for CBS had interviews with the supposed ten front runners of both parties. What was blatantly obvious was their bias against non traditional candidates like Ron Paul who leads in the straw polls, fundraising for the quarter, internet searches and online support. He is at least about even with Thompson and Mccain in several polls but all this still isn't good enough for him to merit an interview with the CBS anchor. Ofcourse if you mention this obvious media bias your a conspiracy kook. Our media is good at pretending its free and unbiased but its almost impossible to get alternative views across. I would'nt necessarily promote any alternative view but you would think that views espoused by our founding fathers wouldn't be entirely censored.
I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says and on some issues I'm in more agreement with the traditional party line, but Ron Paul is a man of great integrity with a sincere hope to do whats best for the country, and if he errs he is in good company with those who created this country. You would think that people could at least give him a modicum of respect on those points. It used to be that republicans would say "I may not agree with you but I will fight to see that you are heard." Thats one reason why I liked republicans more, they seemed to follow that line of reasoning and gave respect to those in their party that they disagreed with. That is no longer the case. Ron Paul is continuously being demonized as a nut by so called conservatives and dismissed out of hand by people like Sean Hannity who generally I agree with on many things. But one thing I cant stand is when the press which is so important to protecting our liberties doesn't do its job in acknowledging someone like Ron Paul.

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