Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dirty Money

One of the strangest reasons I've heard for people saying they won't support Ron Paul is because he has recieved donations from nazis. Now is there any particular reason that nazis would support Paul. Not really, the constitution is no friend to nazi causes. These people are usually rebellious teenage types who hate any authority while the leaders are creepy, evil, racists who while having many of the same legitimate gripes about the government as most Paul supporters often attack these issues not on the basis of political or economical differences but a racist hatred of anything jewish. Personally, I believe these odd balls would hate Paul and the founding fathers if they were currently the ones in power.

There's a difference between real nazis and those who may simply be labeled as such.
The term nazi gets thrown around all the time in order to slander or slam someone of different view points. The antidefamation leaque often doesn't help legitimize jewish concerns. Often if you are against zionist policies or big banking you'll be called a nazi. Ofcourse there are many jews who themselves are not zionists and there are many jews who support Ron Paul on the merit of the issues he supports. Personally I've always been pro Israel, but I see that his position may actually be more pro Israel than that taken by our current policies. Those on the right often call those on the left nazis and vice versa.

The real nazis are not those who may disagree with a certain policy or religious view but those who hate the jewish people and consider them to be sub human and think the holocaust was a good idea. The creator of a web site called Stormfront is such a person and his donations have come into question by the main stream media and other Paul detractors. However the donations in question are rather small and even the most evil or crazy of people can be right on some issues. Paul has never supported these people's racist causes as many of the old school democrats have.

Everyone is allowed to participate in the democratic process and small donations like the ones in question do not buy influence and are not dangerous. The ACLU has actually defended nazis and their right to free speech and are therefore far more closely linked to these evil people than someone who recieves a donation. Exactly what issues these people support Paul on are unclear. Most of Paul's supporters have legitimate concerns about about the IRS and have strong stands on immigration and national sovereignty. Nazis take these issues and turn them into reasons to slander all jews or mexicans. People like them make it difficult for decent people to express real concerns on these issues because they end up being associated as racist by those arguing the other side.

Paul has supporters on all sides of the aisle supporting him on a wide variety of issues. Furthermore the issues Paul talks about are of crucial importance to the nation's survival and aren't being raised by anyone else, making him the only candidate to support if these issues appeal to you. As I've said even crazy people can have legitimate concerns on some issuesThe truth is that every candidate has its far fringe supporters whether on the right or the left. Its a big world and there will always be enough nuts to go around.

Paul has pointed out to the media that it isn't small donations that are dangerous to the political system but huge pact donations being bundled by the millions to support candidates that will make policies that end up making these pact donors money. There are other candidates who recieve multiple millions of dollars worth of bundled pact money and free news coverage from newspapers, television networks and magazines whose largest stock holders also own stock in oil, drug, military, insurance and banking cartels. Paul's donors are mostly small donors in the hundreds of thousands who can't possibly hope to buy influence from Paul. The real money to follow would be from those who are supporting the front runners on both the Republican and Democratic parties. I would like the other candidates to agree to give up this bundled pact money if Paul agrees to give up the comparably tiny, insignificant amount in question.

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