Monday, December 17, 2007

Reasons for the War

Like many others including the Democrats I was for the war when it began. There were security reports from several agencies in several countries claiming Sadam still had WMD's. How all these reports could be so inacurate hasn't been revealed. Some say the neocons like Wolfowitze may have been involved. As the rebuilding continues the companies there continue to make billions. It doesn't matter what results they get, they are paid by the hour and if something is destroyed and they have to build it again that's more money. It can be endless. It's also a war zone so there is'nt much oversight.
I also thought it would benefit the people. We heard the reports of the horrible things going on there. Unfortunately things are much worse now. Under Sadam the country was a secular state where a certain amount of religious freedom was allowed. Now its a religious Islamic state full of sectarian violence. Christian are far worse off now than before. This is not what any of us wanted. Maybe the people who profit off the situation did but most Americans didn't. Unlike Ron Paul, who had the forsight to oppose the war from the beginning, I thought the war was a good idea. Ron Paul was for concentrating our efforts on getting Bin Laden so that Al qaeda could be cut off right away. Al qaeda has grown since the war.

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