Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When Fascism Comes to America

Recently Ron Paul quoted Sinclair Lewis' when he was asked about an add Huckabee had made that showed in the background what seemed to be a cross. This was done on Fox and Friends. Part of this conversation was shown on NBC World News though not the quote itself. It was the first time I have even seen Paul shown on NBC since the Boston Tea Party. I'm not surprised they showed it since they would probably like to stir up christian resentment against him. I'm drawing that conclusion since they have excluded him in all other reports and therefore sure aren't trying to be fair towards him.
The quote itself says "When Fascism finally comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." Now having been raised in the evangelical faith I would normally take offense to this comment. But Paul himself is a christian and has always voted in a way that reflects favorably on those values. If his votes have ever seemed to conflict with christianity in any way its only because he always votes according to strict constitutionalist guidlines at all times. However, his heart is always pro christian .Unfortunately it is becoming more and more apparent that this quote is not only theoretically true but actually taking place. When I first accepted christ as a kid one of the first movies I ever saw at church was a film about the world during the time of the tribulation. In christian theology the tribulation is a time of hideous government oppression right before the return of Christ. It is a time when all political and religious thought is supressed.
George Bush has signed many executive decisions and pushed through the patriot act which has severe unconstitutional civil liberties infringements. The christian community hasn't raised much opposition to this because they feel like Bush is friendly towards christians and they have nothing to fear from him. Even if this is true there is no telling what a future president might do with such dictatorial powers.
Aside from just the legal dangers to civil liberties in these laws, a culture of hatred is being stirred up by none other than christians and conservatives against anyone who decides to speak in opposition to their views on the war. This isn't to say liberals don't also have such hateful tirades, I'm just surprised by the role christians who cary the cross and conservatives who wrap themselves in the flag are playing in producing the culture of hate.
I'm not that surprised that the main stream media is involved in censoring Ron Paul's constitiutionalist ideas. I've always feared such opposition could come from them. I was very glad when conservative talk radio and the Fox news channel came into prominence because I had long thought the only views being expressed in the news are to the left of center. I believed and still do that allowing opposing view points to be heard are what makes this a free country. The conservatives have long railed about a biased media and they have been right. Because the media isn't just the news it is also commentary in sitcoms, dramas and movies. It was a nice change to see conservative and christian thought growing in strength to balance out the views on the left. This is why the two party system is so superior to a one party system. Different views are allowed to be heard.
While the democrats and republicans still disagree on many things, there are certain things that they both agree on and therefore opposing views in these areas of agreement are not being expressed by anyone of prominence. Noone that is until Ron Paul came along. And the views he's expressing aren't dangerous nazi or communist style philosophies. They are simply the views that the men who created this nation had. They are strict constitutionalist views that have been abandoned by both parties which have become pro globalist.
Ron Paul is not being shunned by the likes of Sean Hannity simply because of his stand on the war. Nor is he being shunned by the main stream media because he isn't a front runner. He is being shunned because he takes a position in disagreement on issues to which the powerful media on both the right and left agree. They are globalist and he is not. They believe in the legitimacy of super powerful groups like the WTO, Bildebergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commision, which are controlled by huge private interests and have the power to influence the government and of course own the media and he does not. How in the world can one who opposes these things even though it is from a constitutional veiw point possibly get a fair shake in the media. Ofcourse the answer is he can't. Well maybe he can if his followers make a large enough cry, raise enough cash and perhaps if need be picket outside the studios of these media centers. Another thing they have tried is excessive internet polling and website comments. I think these practices have been labeled as spamming. But its been proven by the fundraising that Ron Paul actually does have legions of fans on the web rather than a handful of nuts spamming all day long.
If Sean Hannity wanted to shun people opposed to the war he wouldn't mention Obama. But ofcourse Obama is mentioned all the time. Now even the internet has so called conservative websites banning free speech concerning Ron Paul. You can mention any candidate on the left or right and shill for them to your hearts content but you better not mention Ron Paul. We also have so called conservatives and christians trying to ban Ron Paul from the debates. Its very ironic and hypocritical that the same people who railed for years about the bias of the media have begun to show such bias themselves against the non fascist views of Ron Paul. The same people who cry for smaller government and less taxes hypocritically shun and smear the man who best represents these ideas.
As for Huckabee's ad itself I personally liked it and thought it was appropriate for this time of year.

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