Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ABC, CBS, NBC Helping Spread Conspiracy Theories

It seems like everytime Hillary, Obama, or the Republican candidates turn around or use the toilet they flash a bulletin on the nightly news of the major networks. I still havent seen Ron Paul even mentioned or his picture shown when the other candidates are shown. Paul's supporters can hold hundreds of rallies with thousands of people around the country celebrating the Boston Tea Party and you hear nothing. They talked about a Santa Clause convention and Hanna Montana the next day but not Paul. They mentioned Hillary and Mccain getting endorsements but they couldn't say a word about Ron Paul's record breaking total raised in a single day from over a hundred thousand donors giving an average of under a hundred bucks. They showed pictures of all the other front runners but the man leading in the straw polls, raising the most money, and doing as well in the polls as at least a couple of the others. Paul does about as well in the polls as Thompson and Mccain despite the fact that Paul garners much of his support from democrats, independants, first time voters and other Republicans who have not voted in recent elections due to their discust with the party. Ofcourse none of these people would be on the Republican poll call sheets. Paul is also very popular among the young who have cell phones instead of land based phones which also dont get calls from the poll takers. Also as I've discussed before Sean Hannity and other so called conservative talk show hosts often won't even mention Paul when they mention all the other candidates. So the people being called who listen primarily to the conservative talk shows probably never even heard about Paul.
Its discusting enough for talk show hosts to show this kind of bias but they after all make it clear they are pushing a certain point of view. What is totally unconscionable is for the major news networks to show such bias by not giving such a candidate equal time. The major networks are every bit as biased as the alternative talk show hosts have claimed they were and they prove it by not giving Paul equal time. These major networks which represent the American press have refused to do their job. America can not remain free without a free press. Fortunatly there is the internet, youtube, and CNN, also MSNBC has shows giving Paul time.
Still this is no excuse for the major non cable networks to not do their job. I do not want to see any of the other candidates at any time any more on these networks if they can not fairly report the news on all the major candidates. The nightly news has proven itself a discrace in this regard. They are perpetuating conspiracy theories with their unfair practices. The bias of the press has never been more blatant and apparent.

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