Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul, Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh

Heres a post title just made to make you go wtf. If Ron Paul does not win the nomination I think he could and perhaps should run with the Constitutional party. Ron has given some good reasons why he would'nt and I can respect him for that but someone needs to take up the mantle of a strong third party and I cant think of anyone better than Paul. When Ross Perot ran he created the Reform party. He didn't win but many believed the Reform party would go on to be a big player in politics because it was such a worthy cause. However after the election Perot didn't keep the movement going and the Reform party never became very influential. I hope that regardless of whether or not Paul becomes president the rEVOLution that he started continues.
Al Gore is an example of someone who kept his cause going even though he didn't win the election. Ofcourse Gore's climate change initiative is largely funded by the rich who are highly organized. It is also shilled by the media even though the media gives little press to actual technological advancements that can help solve climate change.
The real goals of the climate change initiative is most likely a movement to bring about new taxes on carbon emissions.
In the early nineties I was a bit of a ditto head because Rush was saying things that you never heard people say on the news and at the time people needed to hear alot of those things. There was very little conservative commentary to counter act the liberal press. Now Ron Paul is saying things that desperately need to be said as we face huge debts and interest that threaten to destroy this country. We have troops all over the world when we need them on our border. We have trade agreements destroying our own industrial base making us overly dependent on foriegn manufacturing. It goes on and on and we don't have anyone else running who speak of these things.

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