Thursday, December 20, 2007

Write the News Maybe even Picket

I've also been watching the local news and like the national news networks I still haven't seen anything about Ron Paul's December 16th events. I will be writing them to ask them to give him equal time. I think all of Ron Paul's supporters should write the media and demand that he recieve equal time with the other candidates. I think an interesting way for the meet up groups to support Ron Paul would be to picket in front of their local television stations if they don't give him equal time. I don't say this simply to support Ron Paul but I truly believe it is very important to make sure the press does the job that is so important to make this country free. This isn't a joke. They have a responsibility that they are not living up to. It may even be a way to give extra publicity to the campaign but the more important point is we must have a free unbiased press that gives equal time to those candidates that should be considered top tier candidates.
Ofcourse It would be best to do a polite letter writing campaign first and if they dont respond ask them if they had a piece that you may have missed. If they run a good piece on Ron Paul write and thank them. If they have some false information in the report, politely inform them of it. There are over 1500 meetup members in New York City alone where the major networks have their offices so just the threat of a picket could make them take this seriously.

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